IAMUR, the online magazine for independent artists, is thrilled to introduce the “Battle Of The Bands” challenge on BandLab. This is your golden opportunity to showcase your band’s prowess, gain recognition, and clinch an exclusive feature on IAMUR’s esteemed platform!

How It Works:

The IAMUR Battle Of The Bands Album is a curated collection of musical brilliance, hosted by IAMUR exclusively on BandLab. It will feature ten shortlisted tracks from bands across Bandlab.


BandLab members who are part of a ‘band’ can submit one of their standout tracks for consideration in the “Battle Of The Bands” album.

Submission Method:

Bands can send their track via DM to IAMUR by way of a cloud storage link (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox) so it can be reviewed.

Alternatively, bands can extend an invitation to the project on BandLab to IAMUR, allowing the track to be temporarily accessed.

Track Selection: 

The IAMUR team, along with an independent panel of adjudicators, will review all submitted tracks. Ten tracks will be handpicked based on quality, originality, and overall appeal to be included in the special “Battle Of The Bands” album.

Community Voting: 

The BandLab community will listen to the album and cast their votes for their favorite tracks by liking and commenting on them.

Winner Announcement: 

The track amassing the most combined likes and unique comments will emerge victorious and be rewarded with an exclusive interview, which will be prominently featured on the IAMUR Online Magazine.

Scoring System:

Track Engagement:

  1. Each like on a track will count as one point.
  2. Each unique comment from a user will count as one point. If a user posts multiple comments on a track, it will still only qualify as one point. Two or more comments from the same user/account on a track will be counted as one point
  3. Bonus Points for Plays on the Submitted Track in the Album: 1 point for every 50 plays, 2 for every 100 plays


Final Score:

The final score will be the aggregate of the track engagement points (likes + unique comments) and bonus points. The track with the loftiest final score will be crowned the winner.

Terms & Conditions:

Eligibility: The challenge is open to all BandLab members who are part of a band. Solo artists are not eligible for this challenge.

  • Band Definition: A ‘band’ for this challenge is defined as a cohesive group of BandLab members who consistently collaborate with each other under a designated ‘band’ on BandLab. This ‘band’ must have its own Band page on BandLab.
  • Consistent Membership: The same set of members who collaborate on the submitted track must have collaborated on at least three other tracks published under the band’s name. For instance, if a band has 50 members, the specific members involved in the creation of the submitted track must have worked together on at least three other tracks for the band.
  • Band vs. Community: Some entities on BandLab labeled as ‘bands’ function more as ‘Communities’ where members publish solo works under a collective ‘band’ name. Such entities do not qualify as bands for this competition.
  • Submission Criteria: Only tracks created collaboratively by a consistent set of band members are eligible. Solo artists, or members of a band submitting solo tracks or tracks with varying collaborators, are not eligible.  Choose wisely.

Voting: Each BandLab member can like and comment on multiple tracks within the Album, but is prohibited from spamming or posting multiple comments on the same track.

Fair Play: Any evidence of vote manipulation, such as creating bogus accounts to vote or spamming comments, will result in immediate disqualification. Participants are encouraged to share the Album to promote their participation and to seek support from their community.

Duration: The deadline for submissions is 23rd September 2023. All submissions must be received by this date. Following which, the IAMUR team and adjudicators will review all submissions and shortlist ten tracks to comprise the album. The album will be published to Bandlab for voting. Following which, voting will be closed after 14 day from the date of publication, and the winner unveiled.

Prize: The triumphant band will be awarded an exclusive interview feature on the IAMUR Online Magazine. No cash alternatives to the prize will be offered.

Rights: By participating, bands grant IAMUR and BandLab the right to use their track for promotional activities related to the challenge.


IAMUR is an independent online music and culture magazine, born in June 2021 with the sole aim of providing a platform for independent/ direct artists to share more than just their music. Whilst there are many resources for musicians to share their work, we felt the focus of mainstream journalism was heavily biased towards more popular or signed artists, and the wealth of emerging talent is being overlooked.

We feature independent artists, producers, and songwriters who are producing quality work and have a good story to tell, and regardless of genre or status within the music industry. Whether amateur, emerging, or professional musicians – our goal is to support in sharing their journey and successes, helping to expand their reach and grow audiences, and at the same time delivering a steady stream of new music to our readers.

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