Kickin’ it at the Birthplace of Beat-Making Innovation

Let’s face it… some things in life are worth celebrating.  Like the sonic gifts we unwrap each time we click play on a MadiBabyyy track. In this feature, she opens up her musical mind to us for this sonic soiree, where we explore the beautifully-packaged beats on offer from this talented young artist. 

The tracks are transporting, innovative and fresh like audible party favors.  This NYC-based beatmaker’s repertoire is cutting-edge in its inventiveness, genre-inclusivity, and overall ear-candy-factor.  In this writer’s humble opinion, those currently active in the beat-making scene would be hard pressed to hold a candle to her creations; she’s on fire, lighting up the music scene right now.  

MadiBabyyy’s beats encapsulate that signature east-coast flavor and sound that resonates distinctively, unmistakably representative of the New York City hip-hop scene, from where she hails.  Her signature producer tag at the beginning of each of her tracks signals an excited beat to come.  

The real icing on the cake is that MadiBabyyy celebrates her birthday June 30th, and plans to drop her new track; an energy-driven, humid, almost rainforest-rave-flavored gift at midnight of the day of her birth, which is sure to blow up.  It’s both saturated yet floating, focused yet frenetic… It’s a hype sonic gem and I was fortunate enough to be invited in for a sneak-peek.  There is a lot to say about it, though much like her tracks, MadiBabyyy tends to keep things short and sweet in her characteristically understated way.  She describes the upcoming new drop without pretence as  “an up-tempo, having-fun, party type of beat. Who doesn’t like to party on their birthday ?!”

How does that teaser hit your ears?  For me, it whetted a craving for more but before dessert, let’s get to know MadiBabyyy, her musical mindset, artistic background, inspirations and learn more about her process.  

My music is feel-good music. From hip hop, to rock… good vibes only

– MadiBabyyy

“I was born in New Jersey and moved to New York when i was child. Growing up with two  brothers and a sister I was always the good child lol. I would say I’m a very passionate person. One of many emotions lol. A lot of people don’t know but I’m a big sports fan. I love my NY sports teams. I’m also a big video game fan. I would say my favorite is the Call of Duty Franchise. I’m an outgoing person. I love movies, concerts and the occasional rave every now and then”.

Creative inspiration is important.  It helps to paint a picture of how an artist has developed, evolved, and arrived.  Especially significant, in my opinion, is the life-soundtrack resonating across time in a musician’s life.  MadiBabyyy’s musical influences are varied, and representative of a well-rounded appreciation and knowledge of sounds spanning an impressive variety of genres and styles.

“Growing up I’ve always been a fan of music. My mom always had music on in the house whether she’s playing Mariah Carey or DMX ( yes my mom was a fan she thought she was cool lol) music has been a big part of my life. Last year was a rough year for me and during this pandemic music has really been an escape from my anxiety. 

In the summer of 2020 I just started creating beats and I loved it. I actually joined Bandlab in October.  Being a beat maker I’ve listened a lot of mainstream producers like The Alchemist, Timbaland, Hitmaka, Hardwell, and so many more. I can’t say I have a particular genre I listen to the most. I listen to almost everything, though I don’t play any instruments.

When I was a child, I was exposed to Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and a lot of R&B. And I still love the boy bands to this day.” 

– MadiBabyyy

I have to agree with her on all of these shouts… who doesn’t miss 98 Degrees?!  Just saying… Indeed, the pop, R&B, rock, and soul influences MadiBabyyy mentions definitely shine through in her music, and magnify her informed, pan-genre approach to music making.

“My greatest motivation is my boyfriend. He always encourages me to try something different. I always tell him he’s my muse. A lot of the names of my beats come from real situations and just everyday life.  If I had to put a title to the music I create I would say “Feel Good Music”. I try to stay positive even in bad situations and I want my music to reflect on that. I’m all about positive vibes.

I currently have a few collaborations in the works on Bandlab and at the end of the month I’m doing a special drop for my birthday!”

I don’t write but when I create music I usually create at night.  Then depending on my mood, that usually will spark an idea as to what genre to create. For me it’s all about a vibe I get from a sound. If it gets me to move at all I usually create around it.”

As a lifetime listener/music consumer myself, I often find myself wondering ‘what exactly is that intangible “essence,” that je ne se quoi factor’ about certain sounds that hit my ears differently, that just really captivate me, inspire me, and turn my ears on.  You know, those tracks that stay on your rotation, endlessly on loop?  For me, examples include MadiBabyyy beats such as;

Do Your Homework – with a pleasing percussive intro and breakdown.  Smooth structure, interesting melodic progression, edgy hip tone, easily discerned direction which lends itself naturally to potential for writing lyrics and vocal melody line.

Snapped – anticipatory, pre-emptive, pensive and at times aggressive, slightly combative, and confident beat arrangement and melody.  Feels like an assertive invitation for a challenge or duel. Slight hints of epic-type gaming soundtrack.  Self-assured percussion.

Unfazed – Smooth major-key pophop type of beat, slower, relaxed and dreamy progression and feel, akin to popular bedroom-pop sub genre but with distinctive, edgy flavor twist. Indie feel, yet invites niche radio-play.  Unexpected melodic progression. Catchy,  Progressive, Pop/Hip-hop vibe with a radio-hit type of sound.

Ghosted – Darker, driving, pensive, and slightly eerie introspective instrumentals. Feels like a minor-key float in clouds that hover around a suggestion of the excitement of the unknown, in terms of structure and melody.

I find myself asking “what exactly are the sonic characteristics about these tracks that compel me to go back in for listen after listen after listen?”  My best guess is a confidence, refusal to commit to a single genre classification, unpredictability, key and time signature, melodic progression, structure, nuanced attention to detail, and palpable energy are the defining characteristics that make MadiBabyyy tracks audibly addictive.

We asked MadiBabyyy to share some of her most treasured tracks, and here’s her thoughts on each;

Do Your Homework – “the story behind this beat is I wanted to create something smooth that would get listeners to push themselves to create hence the name do your homework” – MadiBabyyy

I first heard MadiBabyyy’s music by way of a blues track that was so unexpectedly inventive and somehow retro/nuevo that i found myself unable to keep my own vocal paws off of it, and ended up essentially freestyling lyrics and melody on the track, it was “simply irresistible.” In retrospect, that experience became the answer to my question: What gives certain music that “It” factor?  The answer is this: it is her open-mindedness, her ability and penchant to work across genres (from hip hop, to rock, to pop, to blues, and fusions thereof), her quintessential East Coast sound, the group of artists she works with, and her artistic and personally generous character.  Exemplifying this most notably is the work she has done and continues to do prolifically in the hot, very current and relevant group Hellfire Productions.  MadiBabyyy explains Hellfire Productions’ angle and modus operendi as “a band that was started for just producers. Besides working on my own beats in the band, we also collaborate with each other to create beats together.”

This leads to another important aspect of MadiBabyyy’s musical sensibilities that I find to be representative of what sets her apart as an artist: she participates enthusiastically in the culture and practice of collaboration and making her music fork-able. That is to say, she unselfishly makes her beats publicly accessible for other artists to contribute to vocally or otherwise. She says “the main reason I leave beats forkable is because I believe in sharing and creating with other artists… I post forkable beats daily!! Be on the lookout!”

And it just works. It works for vocalists especially, because her style of beat-making lends itself particularly easily to the lyricist and vocalist. Her tracks tend to be shorter in length, combining driving energy and enough of that “It” factor to make writing lyrics, or even freestyling, seem almost effortless. Another signature feature of a MadiBabyyy beat are her succinct and alluring song-titles, titles often comprised of one or two words that don’t necessarily give away a track’s general theme or overall sonic feel. 

All in all MadiBabyyy’s commitment to community involvement is something I find to be not only unselfish but artistically generous, which I feel speaks to her overall character. Thank you, MadiBabyyy; I hope this article was a way to give back to you what you give to the artistic community. Cheers! And as for your birthday banger, the new release? Well… that track speaks for itself.  And to maintain the love and respect and support elements of the art and craft of music-making, like she always does, what follows is MadiBabyyy’s personal playlist of your own favorite tracks, crafted by her for this audience to spin, as well as some more of her insight about her music. MadiBabyyy beats are the gift that just keeps giving.

Don’t Let Go – “This is one of my favorite beats because it just pulls you in. Have you ever been with someone and the love is so strong it almost seems to good to be true and you just don’t wanna let that person go?” – MadiBabyyy

Good Vibes Only“This beat speaks for itself. It’s just a good vibe. You can’t be mad when you listen to this!” – MadiBabyyy

Go Hard – “This is another favorite of mine just cause I love the transition. And the title speaks for itself” – MadiBabyyy

Iron Heart “I love this beat because the day I created it I was in a funky mood and just hit a button by accident and that sound in the beginning started playing and it was like something had taken over and all of a sudden that beat was made.” – MadiBabyyy

So what’s next?  Where does this talented musician see herself in the coming years, and what does her bright future have in store? 

“I still see myself producing, I’ve really got a passion for it. I’ve actually thought about going to school for sound engineering and really craft my production skills.” 

Keep on dancing, MadiBabyyy.  Your drive, ambition, and focus speak of big things to come.  It’s your party.  Dance to your own beats. I sure dance to them, each time I click play on one of your tracks! And don’t forget to stay tuned to MadiBabyyy’s new track, due to drop at midnight of her birthday, June 30!!  She leaves us here with a final taste of the new, epic beat…


  • Zhavargo
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    Thats awesome great story love to support underground artist

    • Beck M
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      Thanks so much for reading!

      • Tarrance Sutton
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        Awesome on point interview.

  • Ste McKenna (aka The Fintan Stack)
    2 years ago Reply

    Excellent piece, superbly written, Beck. You’re obviously a BIG fan of the super-talented Madibabyyy and your writing gives a voice to the person behind the music.

    A very generous, well-informed and enlightening article.

    • Beck M
      2 years ago Reply

      Thanks so much Fintan, much appreciated, and yes, definitely a big fan!!

  • DJ Mercedes
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    This is absolutely amazing! madibaby u r absolutely awesome lady!!! Keep up the great work love! 🔥🔥🔥❤❤

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      Mercedes sis, thanks SO much for your support <3<3

  • Beck M
    2 years ago Reply

    Thanks to all for making this feature possible.

  • Madibabyyy
    2 years ago Reply

    Thank you to everyone that read this great piece! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little about me! There’s more to my musical journey stay tuned!! 💗💗🥂🥂

  • Lord Cinic
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    Dope article Madi! You’re so talented and such an inspiration! I can’t wait to see you at the Grammys!👸🏻💯🙌🏾💐💐💐💐💐

    • MadiBabyyy
      2 years ago Reply

      Thank you so much! Hey maybe one day we’ll both be there! 🍻🍻🙂

    • Laura
      2 years ago Reply

      What a refreshingly well crafted, researched, and written piece! I’d not heard of Madi, but just couldn’t resist clicking on the beats linked within, and pow, she has a new fan.

      Looking forward to more articles like this one: professionally crafted, fun to read, and peppered with delicious word morsels such as “audible party favors.” Also, quite inspired to learn more about various fresh new creators and producers. Excellent!

      • Beck M
        2 years ago Reply

        Thank you SO MUCH Laura! 😉

      • MadiBabyyy
        2 years ago Reply

        Thank you Laura! I truly appreciate that!

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    Amazing article it’s lovely to have an insight of madibabyyy s life and artistic source of inspiration!

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    Excellent job with this Interview Beck, and so nice to see Madi. I respect her a lot for all the forks she drops and has for sure contributed to so many albums. Love the embedded player. It’s fantastic. 👌 June 30th awesome 💐🎉🎂

  • Veganzombie87
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    Brilliant piece really enjoyed that love learning where people come from what makes them tick and inspires them great job can’t wait for your birthday tune:) itssssss madi babyyyyyyyy 🙂

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    Such a wonderfully written piece
    About a wonderful producer. It was nice to her to know a little more about madibabyyy. Splendid.

  • MadiBabyyy
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    Thank you everyone for taking the time to get to know a little about me!! I appreciate you all! 😊😊💗😊🥂🥂

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    This is a very good article well written and couldn’t have picked a better artist to interview. “MADIBABY” Has been one of my favorite beat makers of all time. Always anticipating what she will create next. 💯

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    This is an excellent article! It Dives deep into the personal aspect of the music and the music itself. A great introduction to the process of creation.

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