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Get your ears around these recently released tracks, and tell us what you’re listening to in the comments below!

Madi Diaz – Resentment

Madi Diaz posted her final pre-release Resentment video last month. Whilst Diaz wrote the song it had first appeared on Kesha’s last album. Expressing raw honesty, plays out with single acoustic guitar and vocal, her version will be included in her forthcoming album, History Of A Feeling due out August 27th.

HAVVK – Halfway Out

Dublin-based HAVVK released their new single Halfway Out, 26th August, the last single ahead of the upcoming album release.

Levitation Orchestra – Many In Body, One In Mind

London-based 13-piece Levitation Orchestra’s Jazz-Rap fusion, with a suggestion of Zappa and Zawinul, released Many In Body, One In Mind, their second single from forthcoming album Illusions & Realities which will be released on October 29th.

Twin Dive – Let Light In

Danish grunge band Twin Dive released Let Light In on the 5th April, coinciding with the death of Kurt Cobain, and are working up to their debut album release later this year.

S.Raekwon – Darling

New York-based Steven Raekwon Reynolds’s debut album, Where I’m at Now will be out October 8th. Darling is the second track from the pre-launch single, loaded with lush harms and awash with synth. Really lovely track.

Pit Pony – Hard Rainfall

Alternative Rock band from Newcastle, UK, Pit Pony released Hard Rainfall almost a year ago, though their anticipated debut album is expected before the end of 2021.

Pearl & The Oysters – Evening Sun

Evening Sun is the third single from the Los Angeles-based French duo, Pearl & The Oysters, and features in their upcoming album Flowerland, due for release September 3rd.


  • Michael Cline
    2 years ago Reply

    Very nice picks here.

  • Rick Tyrrell
    2 years ago Reply

    An excellent article with fine picks one and all. Madi has a nice voice, the Danish grunge is working for me, and I love that Zappa-esque Levitation Orchestra !! (mistachesta, you kniew I would) Currently I am checking out the new Killers album which is a Tom Petty-ish Americana hit and miss offering, but a good change up from the band. I’m also playing The Claypool Lennon Delirium album lately, though I’ve owned if for a while now. Heard that one? Definitely not commercial but pretty damned trippy and the lyrics are groovy.

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