Congratulation for clinching the top spot in the IAMUR “Battle Of The Bandlab Bands” challenge! Your track “Need You” resonated with the community and took a huge lead from the outset. As part of your well-deserved win, we’d love to pick your brains and peep behind the music. As you answer the following interview questions, could you each please use your @ usernames before your responses? This will help our readers distinguish between each of your unique perspectives and get to know each of you better. Let’s get started!

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In addition to your responses, we’d love to enrich the feature with some visual elements that capture the essence of “Chronically Zen.” Please provide us with high-quality images, both in portrait and landscape orientations (i.e. Photos of band members, artwork for your music: album covers, single artwork). Please refrain from sending images that don’t directly relate to the band or your music. We want to ensure that every visual element in the feature resonates with the story and journey of “Chronically Zen.”