What We’re Looking For: Originality. Passion. Authenticity. If your music tells a story, evokes emotion, or simply makes the listener want to dance, we want to hear it!

Alongside your sonic artistry, the power of striking visuals cannot be understated. High-quality photography plays a pivotal role on our website, helping to bring your music to life. So, remember to accompany your submissions with a selection of (landscape and portrait) band/ artist images.

The more information you can provide, the better chance you have at being featured/ contacted by our team, so take your time and tell us what sets you apart!

Please list the names and roles of each band member.
Tell us about your musical journey. How did you or your band get started? / Who are your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your sound?
How would you describe your music style and genre? / Are there any unique elements in your music that set you apart?
Can you share the story and inspiration behind your latest release? / Describe the creative process / Were there any significant challenges or milestones? / When is your latest release available to stream?
When is your release scheduled for?
Are there any upcoming projects or releases you’re currently working on? / What direction do you see your music heading in the future?
Details on any major events, festivals, or tours you've been a part of.
Please provide details regarding band members and/ or contributors along with their respective roles on the track(s) you're promoting. For images, please provide photographer credits.
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Please upload your EPK and at least 5 high-quality images of you/ your band (both landscape and portrait). These visuals might be used for promotional purposes, so ensure they represent your brand and image accurately.