A Haunting Introduction:

As the nights grow longer and a chill fills the air, the time has come for eerie melodies and haunting tales. IAMUR invites artists to dive into the depths of their creativity and bring forth the spookiest of sounds for our “Halloween Spooktacular” on BandLab. Let the spirits of Halloween inspire you to craft chilling tracks that send shivers down the spine.

How It Works:

  • The ‘IAMUR Halloween Spooktacular’ Album will be an exclusive collection of spine-tingling tracks, hosted on BandLab.
  • Whether it’s spoken word, poetry with eerie backing tracks, ghost stories, covers of classic Halloween songs, vocals, instrumentals, or any other spooky creation, we welcome it all. Unleash your creativity and let the ghouls dance!


  • All tracks must be original, previously unreleased creations.
  • While covers of existing Halloween-themed songs are allowed, the music must be created by the contributors themselves. Found music or backing tracks are not permitted.
  • Artists can submit their track via DM to IAMUR using a cloud storage link (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox) for review.
  • Alternatively, artists can extend an invitation to the project on BandLab to IAMUR, allowing the track to be temporarily accessed.

Narrative & Context:

  • Along with their track, artists are encouraged to share a narrative about their creation, detailing the inspiration behind it and any spooky tales associated with it.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: We’re curious about the magic behind the haunting! Artists are encouraged to share behind-the-scenes footage or photos of their creation process. These glimpses can be featured on IAMUR’s Bandlab profile and Instagram stories as highlights.
  • Artist Spotlights: Leading up to Halloween, we’ll be shining a lantern on our talented contributors. Individual artists will be featured on IAMUR’s online magazine and social media platforms, sharing their spooky inspirations and tales.


  • The Halloween Spooktacular Album will be promoted on BandLab, Instagram, and IAMUR’s online magazine, ensuring every ghost, ghoul, and goblin gets to hear these chilling tracks.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Eligibility: The initiative is open to all BandLab members. The key criterion is that the music must be created by the contributors themselves. Found music or backing tracks are strictly not permitted.
  • Rights: By participating, artists grant IAMUR the right to use their track for promotional activities related to the initiative.


  • The deadline for submissions is 24th October. The tracks will be unveiled in the exclusive Halloween Spooktacular Album on BandLab shortly after, just in time for Halloween.

Connect with IAMUR: Stay updated and connect with us on Bandlab, Instagram, and our online magazine. And remember, keep it spooky!