Maariyah Khan’s new single, “I Try” is the perfect mixture of pop, jazz and soul

Maariyah Khan

If slow, nostalgic music with that Amy Winehouse vibe is your jam, you’ll be wanting to give a listen to the new single ‘I Try‘ from Maariyah Khan.

Khan, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter and producer from Derbyshire is not afraid to explore her potential and share her talents with the world.  With a love for music that started from a young age, she only really started to focus and commit to her journey when she turned eighteen, after her uncle presented her with a studio gift card – “Since then I’ve just been recording a lot and like trying to improve my actual production and releasing new stuff myself”, Maariyah tells us. 

After her time in the studio, it was one success after another. Before having even released a single, she sent her recordings, introducing her work, to the BBC which earned her generous radio play and placed at number 17 on the “Top 20 Most Played Tracks of 2018”… which also just happened to be the year she began recording. 

Maariyah’s career came on strong with her first original single Spoon Feed (2021), and One Thing (2021) following the same journey – both tracks received over 60,000 combined plays on Spotify with her third single ‘Turn To’ enjoying a similar reception from her listeners the following year.

Maariyah was quite apprehensive in beginning as “when you’re young, you don’t have as many connections to even getting gigs and things like that”, however despite being fresh and relatively inexperienced within the music industry, she’s taken matters into her own hands from a songwriting, production and PR perspective, in respectable fashion… and she’s growing quickly. 

Her latest single ‘I Try’ was released on August 19th, but was originally written when she was just 13 years old.  She describes the newest single as “more like 60s… up-beat kind of boppy-pop”

Watch our interview with Maariyah Khan:

“It’s definitely a little more beat, but the song itself I wrote that when I was like 13, and the original recording for it would have been like a very emo, and not as upbeat at all. But I I showed the song to my mom and she told me to re-record it. All the phrasing and lyrics are same, and she’s usually right, and that was a few months ago.”

Maariyah Khan

Listen to Maariyah Khan on Spotify now:

Huge shout out to Maariyah for taking time out and talking us. We can’t wait to see her live, and (spoiler alert) some gigs in London may be in the works! Find more about Maariyah Khan and her future concerts on Instagram and all streaming platforms. Get in touch with the IAMUR team for coverage, reviews and interviews here.

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