Indie Rock with a Pub Feel: Snowflake Generation Release Latest Single, ‘Standstill’

Snowflake Generation

Formed in Autumn 2019, Snowflake Generation, a five-piece indie-rock band, came together with a dynamic start. The band’s inception was fuelled by their lead singer, Cal’s, shift from solo acoustic work to a desire to create a collaborative band experience. This transition marked the beginning of an intense period of writing and performing, driven by a commitment to infuse the indie scene with a fresh yet nostalgic energy.

Their focus has consistently been on crafting songs with catchy hooks, a signature aspect of their style. Following the great reception of their debut single “Part of Me” on BBC Introducing, they are back with the newly released “Standstill,” showcasing their evolving musical journey.

With the band’s provocative name, there is something that contrarily seems friendly and genuine about the five guys that make Snowflake Generation. Their sound reminds me of McFly or Razorlight, and many of the other indie-rock bands I listened to working behind a bar in Snowflake Generation’s West Midlands. I find the band comforting not only based on our similar background but also the musical influences I recognise behind their sound.

Snowflake Generation (Photography Credit: @klaudia_bxo)

“We have a wide range of influences, our singer is a massive fan of bands such as 1975, I’m a fan of bands such as Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Muse, and Arctic Monkeys. The bassist has similar taste with some ranging down a more alternative rock route, our drummer likes a lot of classic rock and our other guitarist is very hip hop orientated.”

Snowflake Generation

“Standstill” is an energetic track with a catchy chorus reminiscent of an indie-rock era somewhere between 2004 and 2006, a sound which many indie-rock bands are trying to achieve today but cannot quite as well as Snowflake Generation has. With Snowflake Generation’s influences, I am not surprised as they range from one classic to another across different periods. “Standstill” is also a nice reminder that you can write a hit indie-rock track that is positive, a concept that doesn’t occur that often anymore as it might be easier to write the sad songs.

Snowflake Generation is a band I would love to see perform live. Ultimately, there is something pub-y about their sound as well as radio-friendly, assuring these guys could easily attract a variety of listeners.

Listen to ‘Standstill’ from Snowflake Generation on Spotify

“We’ve had a couple of great shows headlining the O2 Academy in Birmingham where we have sold it out every time, went on a mini tour a few years ago from Newcastle back down to Birmingham which was great fun as we had a taste of the full musician life and clicking with other bands in different areas and a big one for us was last year supporting Electric Six at the O2 Academy Birmingham as part of their European tour.”

Snowflake Generation

Seeing Snowflake Generation being already well-acclimated in arenas such as the O2 Academy, I am sure there is much more to come their way. The band is currently filling their calendar for 2024 as well as working on new releases for the next year. To find more about the band, head over to their website, drop a follow on Instagram and Facebook, along with your preferred music streaming platforms. For more awesome music, check out some of our other reviews here.

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