Alexz Johnson’s Musical Evolution: From Disney to ‘Seasons’ Album and Spring Tour

Alexz Johnson
Photography Credit: Jen Squires

We’re not done with winter just yet, but as we brace ourselves for the freeze, Canadian singer-songwriter Alexz Johnson is already turning up the heat, sharing plans for her spring tour across the USA, as recently announced to her followers on social media. To help get us in the mood for warmer days, it’s an ideal moment to reacquaint ourselves with her latest album, ‘Seasons,‘ which she unveiled in April this year —its themes resonating with the very essence of transition and growth.

Official Music Video for ‘Borderline’ by Alexz Johnson

While every track on the ‘Seasons’ album resonates with Alexz Johnson’s distinctive songwriting prowess, we’re turning the spotlight on ‘Borderline’, a tune full of plucky acoustics, heart, and authenticity – it sets an exciting tone for the album. An album that follows her on her journey of creativity and reflects the change in the seasons of her life. Borderline acknowledges that change is often perceived as a terrifying concept but actually, once embraced, it is natural and inevitable.

The lyrics ‘Don’t be scared, you’ll be just fine…’ are partnered with an upbeat tempo and a country-inspired melody. This feeling of hope resonates throughout the single. These lyrics also seem to mirror Johnson’s personal changes in her life and add authenticity to Borderline. Johnson is inviting listeners to feel their emotions alongside her openly by creating a safe and inviting musical universe. By allowing herself to express vulnerability in her music – she creates a record that is not only technically very well done but also emotionally aware.

Photography Credit: Tristan Pilat

Borderline is emotional and honest which is perhaps half the reason why Johnson has such a devoted fan base; she shares herself in her music. Aside from her unique and moving voice, which sets her apart from other artists, Johnson shows in Borderline that she has solid grasp of both the instrumental and technical sides of music.

Before captivating audiences with her album ‘Seasons,’ Alexz Johnson first caught the spotlight as a young talent on Disney Channel’s original series, ‘So Weird.’ At just 12 years old, she landed the significant role of Annie Thelen, showcasing her acting skills and her musical prowess. ‘So Weird’ was a platform where Johnson’s musical talents shone brightly, contributing original songs to the series, like ‘Dream About You’ featured in the ‘Carnival’ episode, and ‘Shadows,’ for which a music video was also created. This period in her career was a reflection of her multifaceted abilities as an actress and a musician. It is only when the listener acknowledges this stage of her life that the meaning of her album ‘Seasons’ starts to fall into place. The power of this album is in its ability to redefine Johnson’s musical persona.

It is not an easy task to create a career as an independent musician and Johnson is a testament to the power of perseverance. Emotion is vital in any single and yet, Borderline tackles this in an innovative way. The single is warm, and emotional and affirms Alexz Johnson as a woman of many talents.

Check out Alexz’s album wherever you listen to music, and – for our readers in the USA, don’t miss the chance to experience her live in a city near you! Stay updated on her spring tour plans by following her on Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and her official website. And why not check out more of what we’ve been listening to this month, here!

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