Moselle’s ‘Pesticides’: A Raw Ode to Self-Reflection and Musical Expression

Folk-punk artist Moselle, from the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas, is on the cusp of a major artistic transformation. As she prepares to embark on a move to Los Angeles, following the release of her debut EP ‘Comedown’ on 5th January, her latest single ‘Pesticides’ serves as a striking precursor to her upcoming musical evolution. Drawing inspiration from artists like Alanis Morissette and The Front Bottoms, Moselle’s ‘Pesticides’ embodies a complex blend of grunge, folk, and punk rock influences, creating a sonic brew that reflects the spirit of indie folk fans.

Listen to ‘Pesticides’ from Moselle on Spotify

In ‘Pesticides’, Moselle invites listeners into her personal struggle with substance abuse while connecting with the beauty of nature. This song becomes a touching snapshot of her journey, seamlessly connecting her thematic exploration with her distinctive blend of ‘90s and early 2000s folk and punk rock influences. It serves as a canvas of raw emotion, woven intricately with Moselle’s poignant vocals reminiscent of artists like Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. The song effortlessly mixes upbeat and catchy melodies with unapologetic, heartfelt lyrics, creating a concoction that touches the soul.

The 24-year-old’s lyrical skills shine through as she deals with themes such as self-discovery, personal struggles, and vulnerability. She paints a vivid picture with her storytelling, from reminiscing about hair colours to delving into the complexities of life’s difficulties and the delicate balance between playfulness and introspection. The juxtaposition of seemingly conflicting elements – broken needles, hummingbird feeders, neural pathways over catacombs – creates a surreal yet relatable landscape.

At the core of ‘Pesticides’ lies a profound contemplation on mortality and self-worth. The song’s recurring refrain, “What if I broke this stupid glass over my dumb head?”, pierces through the song and offers a reflection on self-harm and the desire for change. Her charming way of telling her story creates a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of life’s cycles and the resilience found within. Something, I am sure, loads of 20-something-year-olds will be able to relate to.

For me personally, ‘Pesticides’ is a song that’s been stuck on repeat. The opening hooked me right in and her voice immediately reminded me of The Cranberries, and I was happy to also listen to Moselle’s cover of ‘Linger’, a personal favourite of mine. Which showcases her ability to infuse a classic with her unique style. ‘Pesticides’ also gives off vibes that resonate with CMAT’s charms, another reason why it caught my attention immediately.

Moselle’s debut single is a testament to the potential of her upcoming EP. It’s a raw, unfiltered portrayal of her personal journey and marks her emergence as an artist unafraid to expose her vulnerability through her music. It’s a track that not only shows her current artistic skills, but also hints at the promising development that awaits her in the future. For Listeners seeking relatable stories in a raw and introspective musical landscape, ‘Pesticides’ is an enriching and immersive experience with a melody that will be stuck in your head.

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