‘Annabella’: A Queer Love Story in Song by Gecko and the Bee

Atmospheric folk duo Gecko and the Bee are out with “Annabella,” a queer love song about being in love for the first time.

Gecko and the Bee

Hannah and Marcus, the two musicians behind Gecko and the Bee, were set to headline The Spice of Life in Soho, London, last year. Sadly, the festival was cancelled. But they didn’t let that stop them. So they changed the venue to Hannah’s back garden, and a whopping fifty people showed up! The London duo said it felt “really significant to us as the support from the local community was so kind and supportive.” They have also been on Radio1 and were an Area-Finalist on OpenMicUK and also a Semi-Finalist in the Future Icons Competition. Their new single “Annabella” will be used in an upcoming video game, too.

Perfect for fans of Mazzy Star, Aldous Harding, Kate Nash, and Joni Mitchell, their new single “Annabella” features heavenly finger-plucking and acoustic strumming, turning into a beautiful masterpiece with Hannah’s breathless voice. Might I say, Hannah’s production on this is exquisite, too! A warmth and intimacy reverberates in this song, wrapping the listener in a musical hug as if the song was taking place in a loved one’s familiar living room.

This song tells such a sweet story of first relationships and the sentiments that come with them. There’s such pure love and innocence here. Hannah begins the song by describing her relationship with her beloved Annabella, explaining how she is Hannah’s light. They’re intertwined together, they’ll never be apart no matter the circumstances: “No matter how far we go/I’ll always love you there,” showing such a tender lovingness. Gecko and the Bee perfectly captured the essence of a budding romance with lines like the repeating “Two hearts, one love,” taking the listener into the finale of the song. Hannah continues to confess her endearment to Annabella with a tear-jerking testament to timeless love; “You’re the whisper in my ear in the dark/You’re the love I’ve always wanted.” Hannah has finally found her true love, and it’s Annabella. There’s no going wrong now that they’ve found each other. The song ends with “Annabella, you’re the love, you’re my light” before a few final guitar strums from the duo.

“Annabella” is a song for the hopeless romantics, reminding listeners of exciting young love. Gecko and the Bee have certainly widened their audience for ‘universal appeal’ with this single. Keep yourselves posted on the enchanting journey of Gecko and the Bee by following their social media channels for the latest updates; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. And while you’re at it, why not explore more of the reviews we’ve shared this month, here!

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