‘Salt’: the reawakening of Floss Jordan

Artists, on the whole, can be categorised into two main groups; those who release everything they create on a regular basis, and those who reveal something only when it has been crafted to the nth degree. Floss Jordan is someone who falls under the latter.

Jordan began her creative career as a model and dancer, before transitioning later into the music scene. As a talented DJ, she has performed at some of London’s most established venues, for celebrities and huge brands alike, but her own music has regularly been at the forefront of her mind. In 2020, she debuted two singles, sombre, Lana Del Ray inspired Kings & Queens, and a powerful rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s song Love. Since then, Jordan has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to cultivate, improve, and adapt her sound, and, after signing to Bright Star Records earlier this year, she has chosen now to unveil the first single in this new chapter of her musical persona.

Salt is an ode to all the toxic relationships Jordan has had to face in the past. In her own words, ‘the song is about the juxtaposition of salt water being cleansing, but also corrosive’. It wastes no time, announcing itself with booming, trap-inspired drums, alongside snippets of Jordan’s vocal, alluding to the song’s main motif. The open lines ‘I keep running from my demons, but they’re catching up’ get to the heart of the matter. Relationship toxicity, and the long lasting repercussions of it, is a hard subject to broach, especially in a single song, but Jordan shows that lyrically she is up to the task of bringing across her feelings in a poignant and concise way. 

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The mix of bright, 8-bit synths, sub-bass drops, and Jordan’s modulated vocals create an almost hypnotic melodic line over the song, that culminate in the final chorus. Stylistically, it’s a dramatic shift from the work she has previously released. Gone is the airy, dreamy vocals, and lofty drums. The result is a much more current sound, one that slots Jordan into a spot amongst her chart-topping contemporaries. As a reintroduction to Floss Joran’s world, Salt is a powerful one. This song is not to be missed.

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