Stellar Echoes: Foer’s ‘From Space’ and the New Age of Folk

Foer 'From Space'

Foer’s new single ‘From Space’ creates a dreamy new world in which listeners can immerse themselves. Tapping into the nostalgia, ‘From Space’ looks back at one’s childhood and considers how different life is now, with the lyrics,

“It’s never a straight line being a child
Afflictions are made and they stay by your side
I remember the snow, I remember the rain
It was me back then alright but then you go through change”

Whilst ‘From Space’ suggests that the current life could not be further from the past one, the musical duo demonstrates that contemporary folk can be innovative, provided it respects its roots. Drawing inspiration from musicians such as Simon and Garfunkel and Nick Drake, Foer offer their own take on the evolution of folk music in a more modern context.

‘From Space’ creates a cinematic quality reminiscent of ‘Lost in Translation’ as they cleverly turn the guitar into more of a harp, making this a captivating track which you can take with you anywhere. It is this distinction on the track that brings something new into today’s indie-folk music.

Watch Foer’s official music video for ‘From Space’ on Youtube:

The vocals on the single are powerful and heavy on the indie, accompanying the melody beautifully. ‘From Space’ is a track which places you away from your ordinary life and fills you with nostalgia, making the single relatable for many. Foer ‘believes in the power of music to heal, to connect, and to inspire’. This pure intention behind their music grants Foer their place on the folk scene. ‘From Space’ is sonically peaceful but carries a melancholic message, bringing meaning back into today’s music.

Following their first single ‘Navy Seal’, ‘From Space’ released today, 20th of October. The track is the perfect addition to many autumn playlists in which it can easily find its spot next to other alternative artists, such as Hozier.

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