Ode to the Past: Heartstrings & Harmonies of Tendertwin and Crean

Ode to the Past

Transatlantic artist, Tendertwin, has teamed up with London’s multifaceted alternative electro-acoustic, musician Michael Crean, to create a soft and emotional record, laced with nostalgia. Touching on the intricacies of human connection, ‘Ode to the Past’ is a record that is both deeply moving and strangely peaceful. It is not the first musical venture for either musician and this is evident from the haunting melody to the emotionally provocative lyrics. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Radiohead and Damien Rice, Crean’s music is a blend of emotion and enigma while Tendertwin brings a blend of acoustic folk with an industrial touch to the table, reminiscent of artists like Florence And The Machine, Bat For Lashes, and Cross Record.

With ‘Ode to the Past’ marking Tendertwin’s sixth single, it’s clear she has carefully constructed a folk sound throughout her discography. The vocals are given the most attention in the single, highlighting the lyrics and adding to the nostalgic and sombre nature of ‘Ode to the Past’.

Listen to ‘Ode to the Past’ by Tendertwin and Michael Crean on Spotify:

The backing track complements both musicians’ vocals, creating a musical universe that feels both intimate and delicate. Tendertwin has previously been likened to Regina Spektor and Linda Perhacs, and though the influence of these artists is still present in ‘Ode to the Past’, there’s also a hint of American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, known for his emotionally charged yet incredibly delicate lyrics that touch on failed romance, nostalgia, and grief – all of which are impossible to ignore in this record.

When listening to this single on streaming platforms such as Spotify, the single is playfully paired with the caption ‘carpe diem is overrated.’ The genius in this quip is that the song centres around a failed romantic relationship and this comment encourages listeners to dwell in the emotion of the song – making it an all-encompassing listening experience.

While on the surface, it may seem like just another break-up song, listeners will find a poignant ode that celebrates love’s nuances and the poignant memories of ‘what could have been’. The gentle nature of the melody and piano creates a single that is full of love rather than bitterness. It is a single dedicated to what could have been.

Readers can check out more from Tendertwin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Bandcamp. More from Michael Crean can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify. Happy listening!

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