Guilty Party’s ‘Unwound’: An Anthemic Odyssey Through Raging Revelries

Guilty Party

Drenched in the euphoria of moonlit bashes and the chaotic beauty of Cardiff’s nightlife, Guilty Party is back with ‘Unwound’. It’s the essence of whispered secrets in the dark, raw heartbeats, and the tales that become legend by daybreak, capturing the unfiltered experience of nostalgia, love, and those unforgettable nights. The band describe it as “…the messy starts that lead to better endings. It’s about those fleeting moments of clarity amidst the chaos, the epiphanies that dawn upon you when you least expect them.”

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Guilty Party emerged at the dawn of 2023 as a beacon of raw, unapologetic rock, describing their sound as akin to a mate’s old fake ID: “rough round the edges with good intentions”, and “walls of noise, crispy melodies, air guitar and hooky pop”. Comprising Jen on vocals and guitar, Dan with his guitar and vocals, Ceris on the bass, and Ty drumming away the beats, this ensemble is new, but there’s potential for a noteworthy musical journey.

‘Unwound’ — even the name evokes a sense of emotional disentanglement, of shaking off the chains in a frenetic dance of abandon. It’s an ode to those midnight epiphanies we’ve all stumbled upon at parties. You know the ones — shouting into your mate’s ear to be heard over the music, spilling secrets and dreams between drags of a cigarette. And just like that, in the span of a record flip, everything feels aligned again. The song touches on the paradox of finding clarity in chaos, epitomised by lines like, “I test the waters thinking you would hold me down.” Guilty Party’s knack for crafting hooks that sink deep is undeniable. ‘Unwound’, brimming with feedback, driving drums, and infectious choruses, is that tune you’ll be humming long after the party’s died down.

Teaming up with renowned producer Gethin Pearson, known for his work with the likes of Crystal Fighters and Badly Drawn Boy, the band ensured that ‘Unwound’ had a unique touch. Pearson introduced the e-bow in the studio, allowing the band to create a sliding guitar line in the verses reminiscent of The Killers – a refreshing contrast to the raw power of Dan’s vocals.

Official Music Video for Guilty Party’s Debut Single, ‘Lemonade’

Released 1st of September, ‘Unwound’ is the second in a trilogy of tracks created with Pearson. As Cardiff’s local music enthusiasts continue to buzz about their debut single ‘Lemonade’, there’s a growing sense of anticipation for what Guilty Party has up their sleeve next. Their early steps hint at a promising journey ahead, with the band prepping to take centre stage at Clwb Ifor Bach, celebrating their upcoming final single from this set, expected in early November. Word on the street? Keep an eye out for some fresh Guilty Party merchandise coming soon!

With a sound that’s been hailed as a heady mix of classic rock influences like Smashing Pumpkins and the raw energy of newer bands like Softcult, if Guilty Party continues their current trajectory, they could make a significant impact on the rock scene.

Ready to get ‘Unwound’ with Guilty Party? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this latest single. Dive into the chaos, embrace the clarity, and let the music take you on a journey. Don’t forget to share this article and spread the love for this sensational Cardiff band!

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