Yumi and The Weather Beckons Us to Traverse the Wastelands of Emotion with “Lead Me Through Hell”

Yumi and The Weather

Ruby Taylor, or more popularly known as Yumi and The Weather, has unveiled her latest single, “Lead Me Through Hell”. Evoking memories of spaghetti-western beginnings and infused with an intense, psyched-out energy, this track serves as a beacon, guiding listeners through the intricate mazes of human emotion.

For the uninitiated, Brighton’s very own Yumi and The Weather has consistently defied genre boundaries. Since her breakout with the ‘All We Can’ EP in 2013, she has masterfully melded vibrant psych-pop with shades of garage rock, shoegaze, indie, and electronic flourishes. As she eloquently puts it, I see Yumi And The Weather as my music outlet and gives me a reason to finish songs and put them out through this name… Music means so much to me… It truly is a magical community I am so happy to be part of.”

Over the years, Ruby’s innovative approach has solidified her position in the music scene. Her memorable performances at Manchester Psych Fest, Green Man, and Y Not Festival, coupled with her tracks featuring in the BBC’s ‘Normal People’, have garnered attention from industry stalwarts like Lauren Laverne, Guy Garvey, Iggy Pop, and John Kennedy.

Listen to ‘Lead Me Through Hell’ from Yumi and The Weather on Youtube

“Lead Me Through Hell” weaves cinematic melodies with Ruby’s raw emotional essence, delving into the tumultuous aftermath of breakups, capturing the intense journey of navigating through emotional chaos and emerging resiliently on the other side. The track embodies moments of raw anger, where fleeting words and thoughts, though later regretted, feel profoundly genuine in the heat of the moment. Interestingly, its cowboy-esque undertones and urgent, galloping rhythms aren’t just stylistic choices; they resonate deeply with the artist’s emotional state during its creation, serving as a cathartic force during a challenging phase.

But this is just a prelude. Fans can eagerly await Yumi and The Weather’s upcoming EP, “Feed The Wanting”, set to drop this October. Ruby describes it as a medley inspired by life’s transitions, the allure of summer, and the adventure of her first solo holiday.

Readers can also look forward to an epic music video crafted by Iosu Vakerizzo, which Ruby promises will be their grandest video production yet, and for those eager to experience Yumi and The Weather’s electrifying live performances can mark their calendars – she’ll be touring across the UK, with stops in Portsmouth, Huddersfield, Scunthorpe, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, Milton Keynes, London, and finally, a homecoming performance in Brighton.

Yumi and The Weather crafts a tempest of raw emotion and intense guitar rhythms both live and recorded.  So, readers, as you navigate the ebbs and flows of emotions, let “Lead Me Through Hell” be your guiding soundtrack.

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