Unpacking Jeremy Serwer’s 8th studio album, ‘Lesser Humans’

Few artists possess the ability to captivate audiences with their artistry and lyrical prowess quite like Jeremy Serwer. With the release of his eighth album, “Lesser Humans”, Serwer takes listeners on a mesmerising jaunt through exquisite instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics.

“Lesser Humans” comprises an ensemble of exceptional musicians, each contributing their immense talent to the album, including Grammy-winning bassist Tim Lefebvre, renowned for his work with David Bowie and Tedeschi and Trucks; keyboardist Mikey Rowe, known for his collaborations with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Sheryl Crow; Grammy-winning record producer, bassist, and keyboardist Mark Prentice, who has worked with the likes of Elvis Costello and Lyle Lovett; Leor Manelis, known for his work with Gregory Alan Isakov… the list just goes on.

The album is packed with incredible diversity, ranging from Psych Folk Rock to Retro Soul, Garage Rock, Gristly Americana, and a dash of off-road Punk. Once you pull yourself together, and get past the quality of musicianship, instrumentation and production, and listen to the lyrics, you’re reaching for the ‘replay’ button. The track listing is well thought through and effortlessly leads you by the hand all the way through each of the ten tracks. But track seven begs for a moment to rest and soak up the intense lyrical depth and cultural reflections.

Listen to ‘Waltz Out of TX’ from Jeremy Serwer on Spotify:

“Waltz Out of TX” paints a poignant picture of the contrasting landscapes of modern America, particularly in its red states. Set against a backdrop of country blues rock, the song delves deep into the heart of a nation grappling with its identity. As the melodies unfold, listeners are taken on a journey through towns where the shadows of powerful gun lobbies loom large, advocating fervently for expanded automatic weapon rights. These same streets echo with the voices of far-right Christian organisations, whose influence seeks to tighten the reins on women, stripping them of their autonomy over their own bodies. The song’s narrative is a dance of resistance and reflection, a waltz that contemplates the contradictions of a nation where the right to bear arms is championed, yet a woman’s right to govern her own body is contested. Through its verses, “Waltz Out of TX” becomes both a lament and a call to action, urging listeners to recognise these disparities and yearn for a harmonious future.

Serwer’s knack for songwriting shines through as he weaves these narratives and thought-provoking metaphors into his lyrics, and his ability to seamlessly blend genres and evoke raw emotions sets him apart as a musical visionary. The album is a profound reflection on contemporary challenges, offering listeners a chance to introspect and engage with the world around them. Each track enriched with world-class talent, serves as a chapter in a larger narrative that Serwer masterfully orchestrates. “Lesser Humans” is rich with evocative tales and diverse musical influences, making it an essential listen for discerning ears.

Listen to “Lesser Humans” on Spotify:

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