Jeyaia is the voice of vulnerability with her latest single, ‘No Love’

No Love describes that feeling that many can resonate with; the feeling of being alone, even when lying in someone’s arms and being as close as two humans can possibly be.”


Following the commercial success of her debut single Rising, English-born/ Sydney-based soul singer songwriter Jeyaia (pronounced Jay-uh) is back with her second single No Love – a story of two people coming together to trigger each other’s deepest wounds, in an opportunity to heal and grow. Deep, sultry and soul-stirring, No Love is an exploration of human connection that only the vulnerability of personal experience can portray. The track has a classic R&B energy reminiscent of early Aaliyah, with Lo-Fi inspired beats, deliciously deep bass and hard-hitting harmonies, alongside Jeyaia’s soulful, passionate and oh-so-silky-smooth lead vocals.

“We spend so much time in unfulfilling relationships, blaming the other for not loving us the way we want to be loved, when really, this connection holds the key to us learning our greatest life lessons. Healing the past, which is blocking us from seeing the other through the eyes of love in the present. Love is a journey of self-discovery.”


No Love was written in 2019 by Jeyaia and brought to the studio a few years later to be produced by singer / songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Chelsea Warner, described by Jeyaia as the perfect producer for this track having bonded over their mutual love of 90’s R&B. “Chelsea just got it. She felt the energy of the song and helped me bring it to life”, says Jeyaia.

“I believe that when we share our truth, from the heart, without filtering ourselves, the rawness of this truth heals others who recognise this feeling but have not had the courage to speak this same truth for themselves. No Love honours and commemorates the inner child within each of us, for everything they went through and all the times they felt unloved. When we realise we are love, we hold the key to unlocking our heart.”

This English-born singer songwriter brings a new edge to the meaning of soul. Growing up with both parents in a blues band, music has always been in Jeyaia’s blood. Her earliest memories involve riding in the back of the van among the instruments en-route to gigs, before dancing under the stars on long summer evenings. She grew up listening to soul, blues and jazz and her early influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Etta James.

Her music is a creative expression of freedom, love and soul connection. After travelling and performing internationally for the past few years, fans had been eagerly anticipating her original music. Debut single ‘Rising’ is a fierce embodiment of divine feminine and self-enlightenment, which gained the interest of internationally acclaimed Grammy-nominated producers including StoneBridge, The FifthGuys, Coffeeshop and Going Deeper. The remixes gained explosive coverage worldwide, which led to the track reaching the UK’s Music Week Commercial Pop Top 30 charts, rising to number 8 after just a few weeks in the charts in addition to being featured in Beat MagazineLA Wire / New York WireEDM Nations and Music Observer, and was played internationally on Double JBBC RadioSirius XMPulse 87Nexus Dance, Jazz 89. Rising is now on over one thousand Spotify listener playlists, and we’re hoping Jeyaia enjoys the same success with No Love.

Jeyaia’s own journey has been one of self-discovery, with music playing a monumental role in the realisation of her life purpose. Stepping up to her empowering mission to be a voice of truth and inspire deep soul awakening through her music; expect big things from this unstoppable force.

Readers can find more about Jeyaia on her website, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, in addition to all the major music streaming platforms.

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