Alternative singer-songwriter Henry Liggins releases debut single, ‘Makeup’

Despite having been in and around music for a number of years already, Henry Liggins has just released his debut self-produced solo single, ‘Makeup‘. With production support from his friend Joseph Milner, the song encapsulates a future looked at with youthful optimism. Its lyrics romanticise subtle moments of intimacy, such as watching someone take off their makeup before bed, and long for a time where a young couple will no longer have to spend time apart. The inspiration for Makeup comes from a conversation Henry had with his girlfriend regarding the geographical distance between them, and other influences from contemporary alternative singer/songwriters, such as Lizzy McAlpine and Leith Ross.

… there’s always a time where one of us has to leave, and in passing my girlfriend remarked on how nice it would be when we no longer had to do that- and I thought, that’s it! That’s the chorus!”

Henry Liggins

Makeup precedes the 22-year-old English singer-songwriter’s debut album, which he has spent the last few months writing and recording since graduating from Cardiff University with a Music degree last year. Henry tells us his songs often start at the guitar, with carefully planned and strikingly visual lyrics helping to create a melancholic, acoustic sound that has been heavily influenced by the likes of Damien Rice and Radiohead. With a background in arranging for voices, Henry’s tracks often feature close vocal harmony. This keeps his tracks grounded despite the fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments – all of which he plays himself.

“I’ve really enjoyed the process. I’m quite indecisive, so I’ve gone back and forwards on a few things, like the tempo etc, which has made it quite drawn-out at times! But now I’m coming to the end of the process of recording a whole album I think I’ve learned a lot. Everything has been done in my bedroom, so it still all feels very organic and personal to me, so hopefully people can appreciate that when they hear it.”

Henry Liggins

Henry’s debut album is set for release later this year, with debut single ‘Makeup‘ serving as a sample of what listeners can expect from this budding artist. For more updates on Henry’s future releases and events details, follow him on social media: INSTAGRAM/ FACEBOOK/ TIKTOK/ TWITTER

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