Richard Evans’ Stellar Retro-Futurism On ‘Dream Of The World’

Richard Evans

Last week, Richard Evans, former keyboardist for the renowned UK band James, released a new 3-track EP ‘Dream Of The World’ following his debut record ‘Sentinel’. ‘Dream Of The World’ is an electro-pop album, which not only brings back the idea of retro-futuristic music but in the same way is inspired by past personal experiences and looks at the possibilities the future holds.

“It reflects on a health situation that affected me in late 2022. I was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disorder that impacts around one in a million people each year”, says Evans.

“Once I was released from the hospital, music became an important part of my recovery – learning to sing and play keyboards again helped me regain control of my arms, hands and facial muscles.”

– Richard Evans

Evans’ idea of retro-futurism is captivating. Listening to ‘Motherlode’, I could imagine myself strolling through 80s Berlin on my way to see the Depeche Mode next. His music, influenced by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, and The Stranglers, resonates with fans of iconic artists such as Pet Shop Boys and Kraftwerk. Aside from the electro, the message is somewhat punk too.

Listen to the Dream Of The World EP by Richard Evans on Spotify:

Evans reflects on the climate crisis and machine intelligence. ‘Dream Of The World’ comments on the climate emergency, the procrastination it is met with and indifference from most governments and corporations. Similarly, Evans thinks about our personal lives as he sings: “I won’t bow to the hand of fate”, emphasising that we don’t always have to accept the hand we’re dealt.

Overall, the EP feels timeless. It reminds me of some of my favourite 80s music but also fits perfectly into today’s AI age. The message is important in order for one to move on. You can be nostalgic, but life never stays in the past.

Richard Evans is taking his music to the Prism Winter Festival, Manchester on November 23rd and will perform extracts from ‘Sentinel’ accompanied by visuals projected onto the Waterside building. Music aside, Evans is also recognised for his versatility including directing sci-fi films and authoring novels, earning him accolades from Arts Council England. For more about Richard Evans and to stay updated on his latest releases and performances, follow him on Spotify and Bandcamp. If you enjoyed this, check out more reviews from IAMUR here.

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