Making Halloween sexy with Short Sharp Scratch’s Wolf at the Door’

Short Sharp Scratch’s new track ‘Wolf at the Door’ explores how fun and interesting bad things can be and how easy it is to get attached to their cycle. Inspired by various bad but attractive situations in early May 2023, ‘Wolf at the Door’ is an amazing upbeat song that leaves you feeling strangely sad. Accompanied by Aimee’s sultry vocals, it’s just as sexy as any trouble can often seem.

Short Sharp Scratch is composed of the Brighton producer and guitarist, Jak Chantler, and vocalist, Aimee Montague. Jak, named after the British cartoonist Raymond Allen Jackson, proves that sometimes you’re given an unusual name because you’re meant to do something different.

Listen to ‘Wolf at the Door’ by Short Sharp Scratch on Spotify

“‘Wolf at the Door’ is the closest thing I have to a Halloween song!” says Jak, “the lyrics evoke that feeling of anticipation or even anxiety. Those dark experiences, mistakes we’ve made or even a bad relationship. That feeling that something or someone from the past could raise its ugly head again!  Just for the twist in the tail, there’s also that hint that we actually want these bad things to happen! Just for a bit of excitement…”

Aimee and Jak at The Mesmerist Brighton (Photography Credit: Rosie Powell)

‘Wolf at the Door’ is one of the most fun singles I’ve heard in a long time. It’s not only personal to me but I find it relatable to many. The track’s release date falling just in time for Halloween means that our everyday life can also be reminiscent of mystery, excitement, and double-faced people, and even that we tend to celebrate for a while until we break free.

The duo is inspired by big soul hitters such as Prince, Jamiroquai and Chic. They have previously recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios and have had a busy year opening for artists such as Jocelyn Brown and a sold-out run with The Fatback band. Short Sharp Scratch is now going on tour with 10 dates opening for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals starting on November 29th in Brighton. There are further releases planned for early next year including a collaboration featuring Jocelyn Brown. For more information about the band, check out Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. Get in touch with the IAMUR team for coverage, reviews and interviews here.

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