Swingin’ to the Top: Voodoo Club’s ’50s Vibe Rocks the 21st Century

Voodoo Club

Hailing from Japan, Voodoo Club are a rock group whose sound can be described as trash garage mixed with traditional rock ‘n’ roll. The band comprises 20-something university students Gen Kugiya on vocals, Rize Matsushima on guitar, Hinako ‘Rosie’ Kido on bass, and Ippo Suzuki on drums. Their single, “Theme of Voodoo Club,” released 3rd November, has already made waves within weeks of its release, ascending to number 8 on Oricon Rock’s Singles Weekly Ranking – widely regarded as the authoritative source for music trends in Japan.

Voodoo Club has received accolades from Tower Records and Kenrocks Nite and has also been featured in a well-known Japanese music magazine. On release day, they performed at the Stone Hammer Festival in Ehime and a sold-out show at Club Heavy Sick in Hatagaya, Tokyo, the week after, solidifying their rising status in Japan’s rock music scene.

Watch the official music video for ‘Theme of Voodoo Club’ on YouTube

“Theme of Voodoo Club” is a diverse track belonging, in part, to the 1950s with its vocal melody and fast-paced swingin’ rock tempo, whilst also aligning more with the buzzing electric guitars, raw and raucous vocals, and aggressive drums of the ’90s, giving a nod to grunge and alt-metal. The lyrics detail a love story between two people who must keep their romance secret, and they simply want to dance and do nothing but share their love for each other while they can. Despite the musical coarseness of this song, the meaning behind it is loving and endearing.

Voodoo Club’s single has been released as a 7-inch vinyl record, perfect for those who dig a bit of vinyl. The B-side to “Theme of Voodoo Club” is a cover of American musician Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want),” released in 1959. The band have put an interesting twist on stereotypical American rock and roll, surely taking inspiration from R&B musicians like Barrett Strong. Voodoo Club’s music stands out with its striking diversity and resonates with fierce intensity, embodying a raw and untamed spirit that the band embraces as a core part of their identity, adding an authentic edge to their unique sound.

Voodoo Club has a unique grit paired with an attractive image that shows a strong potential for future success. I look forward to seeing where they go in the future. Listen to “Theme of Voodoo Club” on your favourite streaming platform today, and find more about the band on Youtube, Instagram and X (Twitter). For more awesome music, check out some of our other reviews here.

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