Rekindling Grunge: Freedom(ination) by Order of Owls Echoes a Bold Statement

Full-sounding, reminiscent yet forward-looking and fresh, Melbourne Rock/Metal upcomers Order of Owls launched their captivating single, Freedom(ination), as well as a raw and dark music video, on the 20th October.

Order of Owls

“Wrapped in distortion, harmonic tension, and earthy basslines, Freedom(ination) echoes a haunting call to shatter the chains of conformity.”

– Claudia, IAMUR

Hitting at the intersection of Rock and Metal, Order of Owls’ track does well to reflect the band’s unmistakable chemistry and energy as well as a clear message. Each member has a role crafting the overall dynamic, shifting to layer and complement each other. Wrapped in distortion, harmonic tension, earthy basslines, and cutting power chords totalling grungy foundations, powerful vocals float atop.

The starting verse follows a suspenseful intro and sets in motion a pointed relationship between the driving lead guitar and vocals, with the guitar parts and lead singer egging each other on into the pre-chorus. This upwardly rising dynamic then repeats until a passionate, climaxing chorus kicks in. Here, all the elements come into their own, pushing the lead guitarist into a spiralling and technical solo that then edges the vocalist into a final burst bridge, with the song concluding in a trailing-off burnout. To me, it seems clear that the band has a genuine connection, weaved together through music, that allows them to set each other off and deliver an energetic and hitting track though reserving a degree of placidity and paying homage to sounds from the 1990s. 

In tandem, the lyrics and song structure map an image of, as the band puts it, cyclical “learning, refining, forgetting and repeating” seen in the song’s carefully-placed peaks and troughs. Coupled with a direct call to arms hitting on the core of punk, the band stresses that the ultimate point of the song is to achieve freedom by being “who you truly are,” away from debilitating barriers of shame.

The latter message is, to me, found less in the song itself but rather by the band’s attitude. Each member seems to be unapologetically themselves, remaining dynamic and favouring feeling over technical sectioning and mastery. Though undoubtedly skilled musicians, it comes as no surprise to me that, despite this being their first single release, the band’s pedigree lies in its extensive touring record and these well-seasoned performers have interacted with crowds across China, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong to deliver passionate performances.

With solid credentials opening for Trivium, At The Gates, and Soilwork as well as their debut single, premiered on Hysteria Mag, Order of Owls seem poised to take the Alt Rock scene by storm. The energy is large and the band can contribute a true group dynamic, bonded by feeling and a well-thought out and passionate expression of their distinctly dark brand of positivity.

Listen to Freedom(ination) by Order of Owls on Spotify

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