New rock band, Shakedown Architects, premiere energetic, epic and uplifting debut single ‘Megalopolis, Part 2’

Shakedown Architect’s exciting debut single, ‘Megalopolis, Part 2’ dropped yesterday, May 30th, 2022. Legend has it that, one morning in April 2020, singer and guitar player Mark Niederberger awoke in a panic. He’d missed his midterms. He couldn’t remember his course schedule or even figure out where any of his classes were. Then, he realized he graduated from college years ago… “In the grand scheme of things it might sound silly, but personally it made me realize that everything is just temporary. I wanted to write a song to convey the emotion I felt when I came back to full consciousness and the fear and panic evaporated.”

‘Megalopolis Part 2’ takes this idea to its logical extreme, raising the stakes from the disintegration of one’s G.P.A. to the collapse of civilization itself.

Shakedown Architects consists of Mark Niederberger, and drummer Bobby Greve. Early last year, the pair met up to begin recording their debut. A music video for Megalopolis, Part 2 is due for release shortly after the song debuts.

Sonic warriors with axes to grind, Bobby Greve and Mark Niederberger met one day in between Pat’s and Geno’s in Philadelphia. They played in a German oompah band for many years until they decided to make the switch to alternative rock, inspired by bands such as Guided By Voices and Jane’s Addiction. This was the birth of the band now known as Shakedown Architects. After swapping the euphoniums for electric guitars, the duo spent weeks on the beach refining their sound. Now, they are ready to take on the world with the release of their debut single: Megalopolis, Pt. 2.

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