Kyotohead announce the launch of new single, ‘Broken’

Hailing from the Midlands, UK, Kyotohead dives through electronic ambience and breakbeats into a diverse pool of musical mantras and alternative guitar waves. With eclectic influences ranging through many musical styles, Kyotohead is best described as pan-genre, moving through dark, spiralling industrial chaos into twisting building ballads, and shout out sing-a-long dance anthems. ‘Broken’ marks the sixth single release since 2020 for Kyotohead,

Working closely in the embryonic stages with internationally renowned producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios, Kyotohead’s first single ‘Ocean Thousand’ was released in September 2020, inspired by Japanese proverbs and a positive self healing message. ‘Ocean Thousand’ brought eclectic elements of Tom Yorke and Massive Attack with a building swell of layered audio.

Follow up singles in 2021, again co-produced by Monaghan, include the dark, brooding ‘Point of Me, echoing early Nine Inch Nails and Longpigs, and ’Music is the Weapon of the Future’ which pulses with the positive reinforcement of creativity over conflict, and nods more towards feelings of early Gorillaz meets Madchester swagger.

Kyotohead stepped out in the later part of 2021 with two solo produced singles, ‘The Surfer Doesn’t Make the Wave’, a warm bath of soft electronica, and ‘Belly of the Shark’, a beat driven Primal Scream meets Air affair.

‘Broken’ jumps previously released genre ships once again, launching the listener into an ‘alternative’ musical style, layered with more ‘standard issue’ instrumentation, comprising piano, hammond organ and guitars playing the central roll in driving ‘Broken’ forward. From the delicate vulnerability of piano and haunting single vocal at it’s beginning, ‘Broken’ builds into a multi layered crescendo to give the finale a more ‘mobile torch’ waving feel.

Whatever the musical vehicle Kyotohead is driving, the destination of openness and emotion remains constant, because sometimes the first step of being able to heal, is acknowledging… that we’re broken.

Kyotohead Influences: Japanese culture, Gorillaz, Frightened Rabbit, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Nine Inch Nails, Longpigs, Biffy Clyro, Cooper Temple Clause, 90’s Indie, Elbow, Del Amitri, Air, Art, Life, Mental Health

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