Swept away by Peri Rae’s new single, ‘the ocean (i could die)’

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Can I just say ‘I love it’? Just leave it at that? Can I do that? Because that’s how I feel about it, and that’s all that matters, no? Because sometimes I just want to feel and I can’t be bothered thinking. Like when I used to sit out the back of the break at sunrise, waiting for my first wave of the day.

Probably not though, hey? But it’s an appropriate way to start a review for Peri Rae’s new track ‘the ocean (I could die)’. From her upcoming EP, i moved to the beach, the track starts off with tranquillity and shimmer. There’s a sense of hopeful calm in the repetitive guitar line and, like waiting for a wave, you wouldn’t mind just bobbing around there forever.

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But Peri’s not like that. She wants to catch that wave. And she wants you to come with her. So she starts paddling, and the excitement builds. There’s a false build (with some seriously tasty, Siamese Dreams era Smashing Pumpkins guitar tones) into some chugging muted guitars, and at this point, you just know something good is about to happen. 

Then just as you feel that wave lift your tail, Peri kicks up a gear and, sliding down that glassy green face, you feel brand new again. She settles right into a groovy little pocket, where all of a sudden you find yourself wanting to stand up and dance, before kicking up yet another gear into a full-on gang vocal sing-along! Honestly, the track gets so sunny and joyous at this point you can almost feel the (Peri) rays reflecting off the water. All very apt, considering the EP chronicles her move from London to coastal Cornwall.

‘the ocean’ is a beautifully simple song which never gets boring; there’s always a surprise, there’s always something more. Peri wrote the track while staring out to sea, and like the sea it comes on in waves. This is a truly great track, because it’s not overthought, from start to finish, it just effortlessly feels its way through. And shit, sometimes that just feels good, doesn’t it?

I love it.

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