Cutting Through Conventions: DieKaiDie’s ‘Swiss Army’ Salvo


From the spicy streets of Rusholme, Manchester, DieKaiDie bring a fresh and invigorating energy to the music scene with their debut single, “Swiss Army Knife”. Produced and engineered by Matthew Fisher, known for his meticulous attention to detail, and released through the underground veins of indie Cosmic Glue, this track blends the slick sheen of the mainstream with the raw, unfiltered soul of the underground.

Drawing from the pulsating energy of Dance-punk, the chaotic beauty of hyperpop, and the ethereal haze of shoegaze, DieKaiDie has been shaking the foundations of Manchester’s iconic venues, with performances at YES, Castle Hotel, Band on the Wall and Deaf Institute, in addition to debut festival performances at bluedot and Kendal Calling , building momentum for their much anticipated debut.

Citing The Beach Boys, Le Tigre, and Pavement as influences, DieKaiDie takes the familiar, sweet harmonies, catchy choruses, and pop structures and douses them in gasoline. They then set them alight with distorted guitars, screeching synths, and drum machines to create their own “unapologetically abrasive” sound.

Their aim is to take listeners on a journey that pushes the boundaries of what is considered mainstream, exploring themes from love and religion, to the familiar and mundane. You’re not going to unravel this song in just one listen. You’re going to need to come back, again and again, peeling back the layers, to understand what DieKaiDie is all about. The band stand firmly behind their debut, regarding it as a a reflection of their collective musical soul.

“We think Swiss Army Knife really encapsulates what we aim to achieve as a band. At the heart of it, it’s a pop song, catchy and repetitive, but has the potential to challenge the listener with it’s unconventional sound palette and willingness to lean into abrasiveness.”

– DieKaiDie

It’s a promising debut single from a band gearing up to challenge the norms of the music industry. Lend your ear to “Swiss Army Knife” , and while you’re at it, extend your support to a follow over on Instagram and stay vigilant… one can only anticipate the sonorous gifts they might bestow upon us next time.

DieKaiDie are Matthew Deakin (Bass Guitar, Drum Machine, Modular Synth) Reuben Haycocks (Guitar) Paddy Murphy (Vocals, Guitar) and Emma Kirsch (Vocals, Keys).

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