Matilda Rose releases ‘This Is Personal’

Canberra-based Indie Pop artist Matilda Rose has just released her new single ‘This Is Personal’, which was premiered via AAA Backstage. The fiery new single illustrates the desire to get back at your ex.

“It definitely came from a place of petty anger, fresh out of a breakup, wanting to hurt my ex in the only way I could, through a brutal song. It revolves around some interesting phone calls, drinking to avoid responsibility and miscommunication leading to the welcomed end of a relationship.”

Matilda Rose

Matilda Rose debuted in 2020 with the release of her single ‘Watch Me Break Your Heart’. The single made it onto the iTunes charts and announced her presence in the Pop community in a cheeky, making-you-want-to-dance kind of way.

With lyrics and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days, Canberra-based artist Matilda Rose has just begun her venture into Pop music, after being raised in the Country music scene, and recently entered the studio to begin recording her debut album. The album shows a brand new side of her, approaching the angst of young love and heartbreak as a way to move people of all ages. Her new single ‘This Is Personal’ is available on all major online stores.  

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