Good Things Take Time; midsoul’s well-needed reminder for an overstimulated society


A gentle mantra to repeat to oneself; good things take time. Midsoul’s debut single is a recommended tonic for the soul, offering an atmospheric indie pop anthem for those days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. The opening reminds me of the nostalgia that songs such as ‘Such Great Heights‘ bring (thinking of the soft introspection and growth within films like Garden State – sadly not for our manic pixie dream girls, but for the leads no doubt) or the voice as accompaniment in the music of Chet Baker & Jeff Buckley. A little Two Door Cinema Club in the delivery, soft hazy indie vibe with lyrics that pack a punch (one delivered through a thick pillow or a playful one on the shoulder to tell you to stop being so hard on yourself; a soft one but a punch nonetheless).

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As well as his own work, Jesús is currently producing music for himself and for a few artists across Europe and the U.S, and is actively involved in creating visuals and helping people better express their music identity in a visual way. To have someone with both musical and visual creativity is quite an impressive feat; looking at the artwork for the single, the design is at a professional level – thinking of other artists who have a large budget from their label and several designers working on the project. The creative capacity of indie artists like midsoul never fail to impress me.

‘midsoul’ is singer, songwriter, producer & designer Jesús Pineda’s artistic project where he explores sound to cause impact through storytelling. While not conforming to be defined in a single structure, midsoul aims to create an alternative pop soundscape that allows a whole spectrum of lush textures and electronic nuance through sound design and songwriting. Through midsoul, Jesús explores music and art as a means to express authenticity through experience, connecting with who we are and how we can live a meaningful life.

midsoul bio, Spotify

In the midst of the climate crisis, political and social unrest, constant change, change, change – it is easy to become overwhelmed. These issues are important & demand our energy (& if you have a smart phone then you’ll feel bombarded with information at times) but I think we need to invest more time in our passions and allow for mistakes without being too harsh on ourselves. Midsoul is giving us this gentle reminder and celebrating slow growth. Quality over quantity. And whilst the other lyrics blend seamlessly into the music, the one that stands out is the title; good things take time.

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