Naia wow with empowering soulful new single ‘You Gotta Go’


“Impeccably authentic, ‘You Gotta Go’ is a pleasure to listen to, creating a feeling of trust between band and listener.”


Blissful, serene, and summery, ‘You Gotta Go’ is the brand new single from London based band Naia. Fresh off the back of their Glastonbury debut, the band show that they are ones to keep your eye on with their fantastic new release. ‘You Gotta Go’ is clean and cheerful, the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day.

The single opens with light feathery vocals, and an effortlessly slick guitar lick. Oozing cool personality, this song achieves a laid-back feel with non-intrusive drums, vocal runs that merely hint to the power and control that singer Nadine holds, and guitar licks that beautifully compliment her voice. The chorus opens up with rich vocal harmonies that are delivered with defiant delicateness. Building the heat with the introduction of the horns, the song segues perfectly into Latin rhythms that transform the track. This change seems obvious when it happens, but feels unpredictable, a wonderful surprise that elevates the track. The song ends in euphoric celebration, a melting pot of rhythms, culture, and musical talent.

Lyrically simple, the magic here is in the vocal delivery and the merging of instruments and rhythms. Naia promised a blend of styles, but the final result is mesmerising and joyful. With band members hailing from Spain, Palestine and London, Naia infuse their music with their own multiculturalism, their music a stunning reflection of themselves. Impeccably authentic, ‘You Gotta Go’ is a pleasure to listen to, creating a feeling of trust between band and listener.

Rooting their songs in Jazz, Naia aren’t afraid to mix in other influences, achieving a sound that is complex but accessible, intricate and interesting. You can hear the Jazz backgrounds of the band in the runs and arrangement of the song, the freedom with which they can introduce new Latin rhythms mid-way through the song is enviable. Whilst we can marvel at the musical talent behind this track, the upmost enjoyment comes from the movement contained within the structure of the song. This is a song that begs you to dance, and you don’t have to ask twice. ‘You Gotta Go’ spins you around the dance floor with ease, capturing the utter joy of spending the night dancing away.

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