Recent Release: ‘Rolling Dice’ – Loski

South London rapper Loski has shared his exciting new track and video ‘Rolling Dice’, which is taken from his compelling new project ‘Censored’ out now via Since ’93. 

Loski – Censored

New track ‘Rolling Dice’ follows recent releases ‘Woosh and Push’‘Rolling Stones’ and ‘P.U.G’ and is a strong track with a disconcerting beat and a direct rap flow, accompanied by an energetic video directed by Suave.

His new project ‘Censored’ follows the debut album ‘Music, Trial and Trauma: A Drill Story’ and is a captivating, bold, and incredibly open 10-track body of work. Produced by M1onTheBeat, CZR, and Rymez, it features all three previously released tracks and the title of the release speaks for itself, reflecting on his run ins with the police and restrictions he has had to work within. Featuring guest appearances by Suspect (AGB), Splash, and SD.

“I’m not allowed to talk. Everything is censored these days – I’m not allowed to say nothing. I just feel like the title speaks for itself.”

– Loski

21-year-old Loski released his acclaimed debut album ‘Music, Trial and Trauma: A Drill Story’ last year, which saw him break the stereotypical narrative of drill with a thoughtful and thought-provoking album that displays maturity beyond his years. Divided into three parts, ‘Music, Trial and Trauma’ takes the listener on a journey of understanding and enlightenment discussing his life past, present and future.

He followed the album with a short film release ‘Music, Trial and Trauma’ recently, which is available exclusively in the Amazon Music app and on Amazon Music’s YouTubeIt isa 16-minute short film highlighting the sometimes-harsh reality of life on the streets of London. Directed by André Reid & Dijian Eccles, the film is heartfelt, harrowing and honest, inspired by some of the issues Loski faced growing up in the city.

An affiliate of the celebrated Harlem Spartans crew, Loski broke out in 2018 and gifted fans with the long-awaited and highly anticipated debut solo mixtape ‘Call Me Loose’. In 2019, Loski returned with his second project ‘Mad Move’, which charted in the Top 40. In November 2020, he released an extremely special and thought-provoking project with his debut album.

It’s easy to write off Loski’s life as one we’ve heard told before; county lines, gangs, guns, prison. But this is his life, the life of Jyrelle O’Connor, who grew up young and poor on a brutal South London estate in Kennington. It was around the age of 16 that Loski found himself drawn to music by a desire to put his area on the rap map.

His ascent through the ranks was rapid; people were drawn to his authenticity, his wordplay and his deceptively skippy flow on tracks such as Forrest Gump and No Cap. His debut album is loosely inspired by two iconic albums – Dizzee Rascal’s 2003 Mercury Prize winning Boy In Da Corner and Giggs’ classic rap debut Walk In Da Park (2008) – two bodies of work that defined a genre and a generation: grime in the former and UK rap in the case of the latter.

At the heart of everything is Loski and his innate ability to tell stories in a completely unique way. Loski has the opportunity to move the genre of drill forward, showing it to be a music of growth, depth and possibility – and that’s a metaphor for his own life too. Loski is at the forefront of change, both for himself, drill music and kids like him that come from nothing desperate to be something. Check out Loski’s socials below.

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