half•alive release emotionally complex new single and video, ahead of sophomore album


Movement fuelled, ‘Did I Make You Up?’ is the brand new single from Long Beach trio half•alive. Accompanied by a slickly produced video, this single release sees the band unveil their upcoming sophomore album ‘Conditions of a Punk’, due for release on the 2nd December.

Open and vulnerable lyrics are contrasted with a bright and perky melody and instrumental in ‘Did I Make You Up?’ A song that represents the moment of realisation following a break up where you question if you really saw the true version of the other person, or did you project who you wanted them to be. Sad subject matter on paper is made optimistic with the buoyant main melody and rhythmically driven backing track.

A sound reminiscent of Easy Life, there is a stark modernity and easy-going vibe contained in this song, with a dynamic track that lifts you up and breaks back down with stripped back sections where we’re left with only vocals or isolated drum hits.

The accompanying video is a seamlessly choreographed dance expression filmed in one take style, directed by Aidan Carberry of JA Collective, who have been performing alongside half•alive since their first show. The sense of continuity, represented in both the videography style, and the context of the project lends the song a sense of ease and offers a comforting self-assuredness.

The video closes with the visual announcement of the upcoming album, revealing the title and release date. ‘Conditions of a Punk’ will be released on the 2nd of December via RCA Records, and is set to be a bold collection of 18 tracks, exploring the breaking and mending of a heart, and sees half•alive at their most vulnerable and musically mature. Since their 2017 debut half•alive have evolved immeasurably, their sound ever dynamic and reactive to the creative desires of the band. The result is music that is always fresh and innovative, and has led them to performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and sold out headlining US tour.

‘Did I Make You Up?’ is bright, its rising melodies breathing optimism into otherwise sad lyrical content, creating a song that is emotionally complex and nuanced.

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