Talking music and mindset with captivating soul artist, Jeyaia

“Music is my heartbeat… Growing up, I was obsessed with the divas. I would sing Mariah Carey on repeat for hours and hours, to memorise every single note in her riffs.”


We chat to British born Jeyaia and get a privileged insight into her world. A musician that can be likened to an enamoured soul whisperer whose new single No Love‘, not only has the power to heal the saddest of broken hearts but does what a lot of love songs don’t do, forces us to look at our own perception of a relationship and perhaps address the patterns we’re guilty of falling into. This is a refreshing change. 

Her soulful and mesmeric vocal composition will wrap around your consciousness deeply and leave you craving more of the same. Which, thankfully, won’t be too long as she’s working on her debut EP as we speak. 

Not only does this captivating artist create beautiful music, she is open, spiritual, grounded and fascinated with the power of the mind.

This sideline is emulated in her sound exhibiting venerability and allowing us to appreciate her art on deeper level. It is also a reflection of how being this overt allows Jeyaia to achieve quite a unique style when it comes to her song writing process, often receiving whole songs in her dreams. Pretty cool.

Having come from musical stock, Jeyaia’s musical make up is inherent, that is clear, she says herself that she possesses a musical heartbeat which you can almost hear as a baseline in her tracks. 

As Jeyaia continues to chase the sun, she will no doubt spread the love and light of her music, where we are almost certain that she will shine globally. 

Official Music Video for ‘No Love’ – Jeyaia

“I grew up in the English countryside so we would dance barefoot on the grass to all the jazz classics and fall asleep before being wrapped up in blankets and carried back to the van at the end of the night.”


Welcome to IAMUR Jeyaia, super psyched that we’re getting to speak to you and allowing our readers an insight into your world. Since gracing our ears, your awesome new track ‘No Love’ has been on repeat, there is no going back for us, we’re very big fans! Firstly, where is the world are you today? My spidey senses (aka your insta story) tells me you’re in Bali?

I am indeed in Bali! I’m relaxing here after what has been a hectic few months! I feel very free and expansive whenever I’m in Bali. I’ll be here for a few more weeks then I’m heading back home to see my family and long overdue European summer!

Growing up, your folks were in a Blues Band, which is just the coolest. When most of us were rolling our eyes at our parents for singing along to Ace of Base on the school drop off, you’d be touring around and en route to cool gigs. What an exciting childhood that must have been.What stand out memories do you have of that time?

Firstly… I LOVE Ace of Base! And I definitely still rolled my eyes at my parents haha, but yes that was such a fun part of my childhood, and why live music makes me so happy. My sister and I would sit in the back of the van among all the instruments and amps on the way to gigs, before helping our parents to sell the merchandise before the show, and we thought we were so cool! The summer gigs were my favourite because I grew up in the English countryside so we would dance barefoot on the grass to all the jazz classics and fall asleep before being wrapped up in blankets and carried back to the van at the end of the night. It was so magical as a young child experiencing that life.

It seems inevitable that you were always going to end up on a musical journey, it’s in your DNA! And your voice has such depth and colour, it’s clear that your talent comes from a deeper source within, a fundamental foundation. Apart from your parents, who would you say are your main musical influences?

Thank you so much for the kind words. Music is my heartbeat, so it means a lot to me to hear that. Growing up, I was obsessed with the divas. I would sing Mariah Carey on repeat for hours and hours, to memorise every single note in her riffs. My dad listened to a lot of Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Celine Dion so I was blessed to have that blasting in the car! We also spent a lot of time at my nan and pop’s house, and they would always play the jazz greats on vinyl so my love of jazz & soul developed at an early age. We listened to a lot of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong.

The lyrics in ‘No Love’ are something we can all relate to, when it comes to perspectives in relationships. We’ve all been in that place of confusion when it comes to love, when we feel someones feelings towards us shift, leaving us not knowing where we stand and that we may have even got wrong. Was that about anyone in particular or just about those types of relationships in general?

‘No Love’ was written in 2019 about a connection I was in at the time. It was the first time I actually noticed a pattern in my life and realised I was attracting the same person on repeat. It was then that I realised they must be a mirror image of me and this story comes from within. If it’s my story, only I could change it. We see what we choose to see!

And, do you have a specific musical process? Noel Gallagher once said that songs fall the sky and if Coldplay hasn’t grabbed them first then he’s got a chance. I’m not sure that musical process works for everyone, or that he’s even telling the truth to be honest! How does the the creative process work for you? Is it lyrics first then, a melody around that? 

Great question… and the answer varies!

Often times, I hear an entirely produced finished song in my head as I’m falling asleep, or very often in my dreams. Lyrics, melody, radio-ready. That’s my least favourite way to receive music because it’s always a struggle to get the entirely composed song from my head into my voice notes!! It usually ends up as a sleepy mumble which I listen back to in the morning. I always say I wish there was an instant download button from my thoughts into Logic Pro! 

Other times, I receive lyrics & melody together, or one or the other. For me, my creative process is definitely to receive. I’m not very practiced at consciously making up songs on the spot, but rather, they just download into my head. For ‘No Love’ I heard the chorus first… it came into my head with all the melodies one night as I was walking down the street. Then the verses and the rest of the song flowed in.

I don’t often receive lyrics without melody. It’s usually together, or melody first, which lyrics then slot into. It’s like jigsaw pieces floating out in the Quantum, waiting to come together and find each other.

Your 2021 hit ‘Rising’ was remixed by Going Deeper, StoneBridge and The FifthGuys and Coffeeshop, extremely exciting projects for sure, how did that end up happening? And how did you feel about the finished versions?

Yes that was an incredible opportunity, especially as I used to listen to Stone’s mixes while getting ready on a Saturday night so I was honoured to have such talented producers to remix the song. The remix project was orchestrated by Rich Fayden, a music consultant and A&R and honestly, I loved the first bounce of every remix! The guys really nailed it and they all brought their unique flavour to the track. I’m a big fan of house music, so it was the perfect way to combine the soulful original with those deep bass beats, just in time for summer! I got goosebumps listening to them for the first time… don’t ask me to pick a favourite!

You were born in the UK but now split your time between Australia and Bali, which is basically dream life! How does the music scene differ in the UK to Oz and, any plans to return to the UK?

I travel a lot, so I rotate between Australia, Bali and European summer… basically chasing the sun! The Australian music scene is very interwoven and everyone knows everyone. It’s an incredible network of talent to be a part of because everyone is so supportive and creative with collaborations! The UK is similar, and I’m so grateful to have the support of the BBC introducing team for my music. I have a lot of UK artists on my social media and the London scene has that stepping stone energy to it that many of the greatest artists have walked! I would love to perform at the jazz cafe in London, that’s definitely on my manifestation list!

It’s festival season at the moment in the UK, If you were to arrange your own fantasy festival, who would be your top line up? You would be headlining of course, we insist, but who else would you like to see on the bill?

Great question! This one is easy! Cleo Sol, Pip Millett, Jorja Smith, Eliza, Charlotte Day Wilson, Sinead Harnett, Sam Wills… and let’s get Kaytranada, GoldLink and Jarreau Vandal in there for the after party!!

Is there anyone that you’d love to collaborate with, either production-wise, or to duet with? 

I would love to work with Sam Wills, he’s on my vision board. I would also love to collaborate with Joe Hertz and Kaytranada in the future and in terms of duets… Pip Millett and Cleo Sol would be a dream. I’m going to hold onto that vision, hehe.

How was it shooting the video for No Love, and how many bottles of Prosecco did you get through?

We did the photo shoot in my apartment which was so fun because I could relax in my own environment. I had my dream team around me with BTS /styling and shooting and we just pumped old school R&B and I got to play dress up with big faux fur coats and oversized jewels! It’s what I used to do as a teenager in my room as soon as I got home from school, and now I get to do it for a living!

Oh and sorry to say the cigarette and Prosecco were just for show! Neither of which are my vices… but if cake had been part of the shoot it would be a different story.

“To stay grounded I love yoga, breath work, being in nature, grounding with bare feet on the earth and I love reading & learning about ancient civilisations and lost secrets of the universe.”


You have a unique style, we are big fans of your headwear in ‘Rising’ and I need to purchase the coat you’re wearing in ‘No Love’ immediately! Who are your biggest style influences? 

So, fun fact… I made the head pieces for my Rising shoot. I love getting creative and I had the image in my head of what I wanted to wear, but couldn’t find it anywhere so I had to make it myself!

A lot of my ideas are custom made styles from my imagination, embodying the divine feminine in all her expressions. I often see Goddess style archetypes and love that divine beauty.

For ‘No Love’ it was very much the 90’s vibe, so I drew inspiration from the supermodels of the 90’s; Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss. The whole messy hotel room at the end of the party scene! That era was a vibe of its own.

As well as your love and passion for music, what fills your time? And what keeps you grounded?

I’m also an intuitive channeller and healer. In other words, I’m very psychic! I’m obsessed with the power of the mind, always have been. Music and mindset / Quantum are my two great loves! And honestly that takes up a lot of my time, among travelling and having fun. To stay grounded I love yoga, breath work, being in nature, grounding with bare feet on the earth and I love reading & learning about ancient civilisations and lost secrets of the universe.

We are desperate to hear more… any plans for an EP or album and if so, when would we expect that (*interviewer crosses fingers, closes eyes and whispers under breath, please say soon, please say soon)?

Hehe you’ll be happy to hear that I have already started on some tracks for a debut EP… it will take some time as the energy of it is evolving, as I expand and change… but it is taking shape **winks**.

What’s the dream for you, what do you visualise going forward when it comes to your music and where you’d like to take it?

I would love to organise unique shows around the world in magical locations, combining music with art, and this beautiful planet. I want to create moments that change people’s lives and will stay in their hearts forever. 

I would also love to combine my music with powerful visuals and projects with huge impact; whether that is through powerful movies, or documentaries showcasing this beautiful planet, to make a change, to inspire people to remember that we are so much more than we realise.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Jeyaia, it’s been an absolute delight and we wish you all the very best for your next adventures! Readers can find out more about Jeyaia on her website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and all major music streaming platforms.

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