Brimming with truth and sincerity, ‘Shame’ the new single from John Witherspoon delights and plays on the mind

John Witherspoon
Photography Credit: Katie Nicholas

Liverpool based songwriter John Witherspoon has released the first single from his upcoming second album, and has been steadily building his presence around the city gigging and hosting open mics.

Recently chosen as our Pick of the Week, his latest single ‘Shame’ is an honest and introspective song that reflects back on past actions and owns up to mistakes. Written during the first lockdown, ‘Shame’ sees John do what he does best, approaching songs with blatant honesty, and pairing these lyrics with simply brilliant arrangements. ‘Shame’ is natural and organic, jangly guitars, keys and organs make up a rich bed for the vocals, energising the track as the drums propel everything forward.

Becoming a well-known part of the well-established Liverpool music scene, Witherspoon hosts his own open mic nights, still attends those held by others and gigs frequently around the city.

Citing Ian Prowse’s Monday Club – the infamous open mic night at the Cavern Club – as a major step in his journey, Witherspoon has developed his songwriting hugely since starting to write as a teenager. With Bob Dylan and The Beatles influencing his sound, Witherspoon manages to create music that sounds both retrospective and modern at the same time.

As his music nods its head in respect to the legends that have come before, he forges forward with a refreshing sound that is grounded in honesty and rooted in originality. John Witherspoon sat down with us to talk about all things ‘Shame’ and songwriting.

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