POTW: Novo Amor – “Embody Me”

Novo Amor

“Embody Me” from Novo Amor‘s 2017 ‘Bathing Beach’ EP is a beautifully crafted song that showcases the artist’s incredible vocal range and emotive lyrics, which explore universal and relatable themes of love, longing, and loss.

Novo Amor’s rich, soulful vocals are raw and vulnerable, perfectly capturing the emotion of the song. The production is polished and atmospheric – a gentle guitar line and sparse percussion adds to the intimate feel of the track, setting the mood for the introspective lyrics that follow. Each instrument is perfectly balanced and mixed to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Musically, the song is a masterclass in restraint and simplicity, with a minimalist arrangement that allows the emotional weight of the lyrics and stunning use of harmonies and layered vocals to shine through.

It’s an incredible and moving track, and one that has been on heavy rotation for me lately. Thoroughly recommended ‘must-listen’ for fans of emotive, introspective indie-folk music.”


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