POTW: Daniel Jones – ‘Pull The Rope’

Daniel Jones

“Picture this: you’re on a trip to Dijon to see your long-distance lover, already your heart feels full & you explore the city, basking in the sunshine. As you’re walking, you share a headphone each (and, because it’s 2022, they’re Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about walking like penguins together) and listen to this new artist they’ve discovered on their travels.

Jones has a way with words – or, should I say, lyrics. The acoustics in L’Abbaye de la Bussiere add to the gentle, haunting, acoustic guitar (which gives me Chris Cornell vibes) & Daniel’s voice is a deep, velvety Baritone addition to the waves created with the melody (which feels a bit Nick Cave, but less melancholic. You would probably quite like him to sing you to sleep). It feels peaceful and serene, setting you up to hold hands with your lover & feel the need to slow dance in the street (obviously you won’t do these things, as the French would definitely think you’re mental, but you feel the vibe nonetheless).

His other work – in particular, ‘Paint It Grey‘ with Julien Diot – has that laid-back French feel & will encourage you to drink a glass of wine, dance around your kitchen & relax your way into the Autumnal weekend.”


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