“I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Nirvana.  It was the early ‘90s… the song was Negative Creep, blasting out of my brother’s stereo.  I was in my bedroom down the corridor listening to Guns n Roses, my favourite band at the time. But from that moment things quickly changed.  These new sounds pumping out from behind my brother’s door took me on an eye-opening journey, teleporting me into the heart of the Seattle music scene.  “Grunge” they called it… and it became part of me.  I remember, just as clearly, the day Kurt died… coming home from school and hearing what had happened on the news broadcast.  Then, over the following days, seeing the impact he and the rest of the band, had on people’s lives.  There hasn’t been a band that has excited me as much as Nirvana over the years… perhaps until now.

Seattle has given birth, yet again, to an exciting new rock trio, ‘Sun Puddle’ with “a penchant for writing angry, compelling songs about society’s outsiders and a flair for catchy pop akin to the Beatles”.  Upon first listen, Nirvana fans will immediately recognise familiar elements and, you’d be forgiven for pondering the possibility their songs ‘Happy Day’ and ‘Sunday’ might just be unreleased demos from the Bleach era.  These are comparisons the band seem to embrace rather than shy away from – Trevor Rose’s vocals, bare an eerie likeness to the late Cobain, and during their Sun Puddle live at Real Art Tacoma, show he greets the audience with “… we’re Sun Puddle… or your favourite Nirvana rip-offs. Whatever you prefer, I don’t give a shit!”. For the purists, it might just be a little too much to accept.  However, as per my comment on their Real Art Tacoma YouTube video, if Cobain was still alive and writing new material with Nirvana… I’d be listening.
Despite having only one track on Spotify, and a few videos on YouTube, the band have signed with an incredible label in Grunge Pop Records – ‘who hired the Sub Pop founder, who signed Nirvana and Soundgarden’ – and seem to be on course for big things.  Sun Puddle will undoubtedly appeal to nostalgic grunge fans with their gritty, raw and riffy music.  Love this band… which is why Sun Puddle and their track ‘Sunday’ is my IAMUR Pick Of The Week.”


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