John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon – ‘Shame’

Official music video for ‘Shame’ – John Witherspoon (Cover photography credit: Joe Walker)

“Brand new release from Liverpool songwriter John Witherspoon, ‘Shame’ delivers heartbreakingly candid lyrics and easy going indie rock instrumentation.

Witherspoon sings devastating lyrics that tell all too familiar relationship stories, owning his own past and shame. Smatterings of vocal harmonies add a beautiful depth to his vocal performance, giving this song a lush richness that makes this song both compelling and easy to listen to. Witherspoon’s honest lyrics draw you in, whilst the supreme melodic weaving holds your attention.

‘Shame’ is the first single to be released from John Witherspoon’s upcoming second album. This follows on from the success of his debut album, ‘Showin’ Up Startin’ Again’, released in 2020.

The new single is mellow and allows the storytelling lyrics take centre stage. The mix of this track has to be commended, with each element able to shine in turn. Turning your ears to the instrumentation that supports Witherspoon’s voice, steady drums hold the piece together whilst subtle keys and organ interruptions create a spectacular bed of sound that compliment Witherspoon’s voice and lyrical style. Bringing to mind David Gray, Witherspoon brings out his Beatles influence beautifully in this track, with small melodic hints to the icons in the vocals. The expansive middle-8 is my favourite part of the song and is the reason I chose this track to be Pick of the Week. Excellent craftsmanship and song management makes this one special release.”

Amie – IAMUR

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