POTW: Ivan Moult – ‘Carried Over Water’

Ivan Moult

Ivan Moult‘s music has such a delicate, personal feel. His lyrics are poetic and confessional, drawing from influences such as Elliot Smith & Joni Mitchell, paired perfectly with the acoustic melodies. If you’re a fan of stripped-back, intimate performances then ‘Carried Over Water’ -needs- to be on your next playlist.

The guitar’s melody feels like the ebb and flow of water and there’s a slight echo to the vocal line; it’s like you’re there with Moult performing, baring his heart, to you personally. The husky timbre of his voice reminds me of Ben Howard, lulling you through – and the lyrics aren’t a focal point (more that his vocal line is another accompaniment, blending guitar and voice together), but when you catch his phrasing, it’s beautiful (lines like, ‘breathing slowly as the shallow waters rise’ or ‘easy, lazy love that always gets me by’ are just magic).

In a Clash Music review by Robin Murray in 2018, they described the song as having “a refreshing, Spring-like feel” – I think ‘Carried Over Water’ would pair well with chilly yet bright mornings, crunching on the hoar-frost or blankets of fallen leaves. And, if you want something that you’ll already know the words to, Moult does an enchanting cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic‘ for Girlboss autumn.”


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