German postpunk icons, Pink Turns Blue, announce winter tour dates along with ‘Tainted Tour-2022 EP’

Pink Turns Blue

Trailblazing darkwave-postpunk pioneers Pink Turns Blue are at the half-way mark of their long-awaited TAINTED 2022 tour as they cross North America and select cities in the UK, Germany and Spain. Especially for this tour, the trio has also released the ‘TAINTED Tour-2022 EP’.

Riding on the strength of their ‘Tainted’ album, released in late 2021 via Orden Records, and on the trail of their recently released single ‘Not Gonna Take It’, Pink Turns Blue brings this music to fans from one coast to another while also sharing four new songs that reflect their emotional state in today’s world.

Formed in 1985 in the first generation of gothic rock and named after a Hüsker Dü song, today Pink Turns Blue is Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitar), Paul Richter (drums) and Luca Sammuri (bass). Their debut album ‘If Two Worlds Kiss’ advanced the darkwave sub-genre while becoming a seminal post-punk album. Emerging from the fear and uncertainty of Cold War Germany, they have since released a dozen full-length LPs.

Both the ‘Tainted’ LP and the new EP relate to a world in havoc and the seemingly powerlessness of today’s youth to take over the world and change it for the better. But this album is also a call to never give up, to never lose faith or the understanding that making this world just a bit better every day is what makes our lives worth living.

With potent singles such as ‘Not Even Trying’, ‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me’, ‘There Must Be So Much More’ and ‘So Why Not Save The World’ address such themes as climate change, its effects, the reaction to it, the split within society, isolation, health risks and financial uncertainty.

Pink Turns Blue at New Waves Day on June 18th, 2022 in the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen

“Since Pink Turns Blue presented the ‘Tainted’ album, things have changed for the worse, or have become more desperate and we have used this time to develop a few songs from the ‘Tainted’ sessions further – songs that didn’t make it onto the album since they were not ready yet, says In defiance of the global trend that the powerful use any excuse to enforce their agenda and defend their accumulation of benefices, more and more people see through it and stand up – for themselves and never give up to make this world just a little bit better.”

Mic Jogwer, Pink Turns Blue

Mic goes on to say, “since February 24 (actually my birthday), when Russia invaded Ukraine, things became even worse. Instead of slowly getting back to “normal” and trying to get our humanity’s shit together and to alleviate climate change and the consequential effects, now we have to cope with war and an energy, food and financial crisis (again) with the risk of losing the battle for equality, climate change, peace… you name it. So now the world is not only TAINTED but is in DISARRAY”.

The ‘TAINTED Tour-2022 EP’ is out now everywhere online. 2021’s ‘Tainted’ LP is also available via Apple Music and Spotify, with CD and limited-edition vinyl editions available via the band’s website. Tour tickets can be ordered here.

TAINTED 2022 – TOUR DATES (October-December)
OCT 4  Toronto, Canada – The Garrison
OCT 5  Montreal, Canada – Bar Le Ritz PDB
OCT 6  Rochester, NY – Photo City Music Hall
OCT 7  Cambridge, MA – The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
OCT 8  Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel
OCT 9  Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery
OCT 10  Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA
OCT 14  Pinto, Spain – DarkMAD Festival Madrid
OCT 28  Rüsselsheim, Germany – These Days Festival 2022
DEC 15  Glasgow, UK – Ivory Blacks
DEC 16  Manchester, UK – Night People
DEC 17  London, UK – Electrowerkz

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