Boy Azooga

“We start the video with a command: PUT HEADPHONES ON NOW.  And, if you choose to comply, you will find yourself transported into a chilled intro to your very own indie film.  Walk the streets, grab a Guinness and black, bump into your old mates, and shake that tush in the sunshine feeling like the coolest cat around.

Boy Azooga’s 2018 album ‘1, 2, Kung Fu!’ was on constant repeat during the darker days of lockdown – a refreshing reminder to look at the smaller, happier details of life rather than stress about the bigger picture.  The lyric, ‘Oh, how I really wish that I could get to you’ resonates with me in particular.  But good things are worth waiting for and this lush song definitely needs to be on repeat today!  Diolch yn fawr, Boy Azooga.”


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