The Virginmarys: A ‘Killer’ new sound

The Virginmarys
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In 2010, I attended a concert at Manchester Academy to see Slash live with Myles Kennedy after the release of his debut solo album. That night, a band emerged on the stage to begin the evening and left everyone speechless, showcasing their raw energy, intense stage presence and powerful songwriting. The band was The Virginmarys, a local rock outfit from Macclesfield who showed that night, that they belonged on the biggest stages with the biggest artists.

Fast forward to today and the band continues to grow and evolve with each new project, as their latest single You’re A Killer’ highlights their immense and powerful new sound as a duo. The song is a striking and energetic social commentary on the world we live in, never afraid to express the disillusion with politics and the social/economical hierarchy in this country, as the lyrics begin: “I’m hearing the words but I don’t see no action, A room full of clowns with some loud interaction, Working my bones and still earning a fraction, I’m hooked to my phone like a fatal distraction”.

Watch the music video for ‘You’re A Killer’ by The Virginmarys

The music video for ‘You’re A Killer’ by The Virginmarys

Ally Dickaty fronts The Virginmarys with his gritty and distinct northern voice, adding intricate guitar licks through a thick layer of distortion and fuzz. Behind the drum kit, Danny Dolan is an absolute powerhouse, adding an essential heartbeat to the band’s ferocious new sound. This new chapter as a power duo started with the release of ‘The Meds’ in March of this year, a raw and mighty addition to the band’s library of tunes. The song explores the claustrophobic entrapment of the 9 to 5 rat race and got the band’s new chapter off to a flying start. The Virginmarys may now be a duo, yet they somehow sound bigger than ever.

With a busy year ahead, it seems the band are only just getting started with the release of a brand new single titled ‘Devil Keeps Coming, arriving this Friday on August 26th. The track will join ‘The Meds’ & ‘You’re A Killer’ to form an EP on the same date. 

With a handful of new tracks, the pair now have their sights on the road with a tour of the UK set to begin this October. After a recent Swedish tour, the band became the centre of an ITV feature after a devoted fan of theirs, set it about himself to bring the band to his beloved homeland. Pele, who paid for the entire tour himself, followed The Virginmarys on a previous tour in the UK before presenting them with his grand idea and heartwarming story. 

The duo, who are going from strength to strength with their latest releases, also delighted fans back in 2018 with their highly praised album ‘Northern Sun Sessions. The Virginmarys have reinvented themselves with each new release, offering something new and unseen for each new addition to their catalogue. I am incredibly excited for the upcoming single release this Friday and cannot wait to see what the band do next. 

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