Honey Moon announce their upcoming debut album with the release of sublimely dreamy and jangly single ‘Sweetheart’

Honey Moon

A dreamy and mellow blend of nostalgia drenched retro pop, South London’s Honey Moon have heralded the announcement of their debut album with the release of fantastic single ‘Sweetheart’. This new single is a triumphant celebration of their upcoming career milestone, and is sure to leave fans old and new impatient to have the full album. The album ‘Same Old Paradise’ is due to land on the 31st January 2023.

Delivering bright jangly guitar led pop, Honey Moon occupy the space somewhere between Circa Waves and the Beach Boys, with buoyant guitars, ripping riffs, sweet falsetto vocals, and layers upon layers of harmonies. This dynamic single varies in pace and tone, creating an exciting listening experience that keeps us on our toes for the whole three minute and 19 second running time. Indie pop guitar riffs descend into an edgy lick that brings to mind the finest spaghetti western, bolstered by a resolute brass section. This breaks into a dreamy outro, as the bright upbeat pop tune disappears into the distance.

‘Sweetheart’ is a tonic for the soul, disguising the meaning behind the song behind upbeat and honeyglazed melodies, vibrant instrumental textures, a glistening brass section, and guitar lines rich with energy and personality. An ode to nostalgia and childhood traits, ‘Sweetheart’ confronts the precocious streak that sometimes rears its ugly head in everyday adult life. Elaborating on the track, vocalist and guitarist Jack Slater Chandler explains, “It’s about reverting to our child-like self and the impact that has on the people around us. Whilst our inner-child is a precious thing, when mean spirited and self-centered thoughts take over, we often cast aside the lessons we’ve learnt as we’ve grown and punish the people who care for us the most. The tantrums never stop, they just take a different form.”

It’s not hard to see why Honey Moon have earned the seal of approval from Elton John himself. The South London self-styled melachollipop three piece have consistently served up sweet and memorable melodies, and have carved a niche for themselves in the retro indie-pop scene. They have made an impact with electrifying live performances, including a triumphant Glastonbury debut, and appearances at Truck Festival and Sŵn Festival.

Spanning across eleven tracks, the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Same Old Paradise’ was recorded with Alex Greaves (Working Men’s Club, Pulled Apart By Horses, BDRMM) at The Nave Studios in Leeds and is due for release in January 2023. ‘Sweetheart’ is an exciting taste of what is to come from this charismatic Indie-Pop trio.

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