Adelaide’s GREN pounds passion into latest single release ‘Anti’

Adelaide based multi-instrumentalist GREN released his compelling new single ‘Anti’, which was premiered via AAA Backstage on July the 29th. This mighty song was composed during the pandemic lockdowns to manifest his rage. Compared to his prior releases, “Anti” is his heaviest and most radical song to date, along with being his first rap-metal song making use of distorted rhythm guitars and bass guitar.

GREN debuted his solo project in 2021 after many years of playing drums in various hardcore bands and touring with the likes of Parkway Drive, Northlane, For Today, Dan Sultan, Uberjakd and many more. He’s an incredible drummer with his own flow of rap and is well acquainted with rock – this understanding of both genres allows GREN to produce such hard-hitting and gripping tracks, where inspiration from bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are vivid both musically and lyrically.

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GREN has released multiple singles and amassed over 80k streams on Spotify in a short space of time, and ‘Anti’ is sure to rack up the plays. There are certain musical attributes of this song worth focusing on – the drum sound is punchy and perfectly mixed, unlike many modern metal productions where the mid frequencies of snare tend to be scooped, you can delineate the brightness of every rim shot he plays.

Also, the rhythm guitars, panned to left and right, have different tone and gain – this disparity boosts the width of the whole mix with great effect. The bass slides in the chorus augment the energy of the song, and its low frequencies don’t interfere with bass drums at all.

Furthermore, owing to the rap nature of the song, the vinyl scratches add an old-school 90’s rap metal vibe to the work. Halfway through the song, there is a break in which the bassist starts to play solely before being accompanied by the drum snare grooves. In a live show, this break would ignite the audience and ready them for the following section with the heavy guitar riffs.

In this genre, rest notes play a huge role and create sudden rises and falls that persuade the audience to head-bang. Lastly, GREN’s vocals remind the audience of artists like Zack de la Rocha and Fred Durst.


Alongside the musical aspects, the lyrics of this release has significant connotations. It perfectly manifests the protests against authorities and their chicanery. Through the chorus, GREN tries to awaken people and make them aware of the perceived lies projected through media, and in the break section, he encourages the listener to rise and “stop living in fear”.  The single is available on all major online stores and streaming services and you can enjoy its rage.

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