The Tonic Revival: Glasgow indie is a ‘Way of Life’

The Tonic Revival
Image Credit: The Tonic Revival

After several years and several changes to their line-up, Glasgow three-piece The Tonic Revival have finally found their sound – and released an electric new single to commemorate the moment.

With a summer-reminiscent, punchy bassline, and a catchy and rhythmic chorus, it’s almost too easy to look past the deeper meaning of Way of Life – a glimpse into the sometimes over the top Scottish drinking culture.

“Not just a way of life/Part of the fabric of my mind,” sings Ross Weir, before the clash of Innes Gemmell’s drums leads into the eclectic chorus.

Inspired by bands ranging from Oasis to Jimi Hendrix, the unique combination of influences has resulted in a Stereophonics-but-modern kind of sound. If you’re a fan of The Snuts or of Gerry Cinnamon, I can’t imagine you’d dislike this track.

Weir’s raspy yet upbeat vocals, paired with Ross Carson’s eclectic bass and Innes Gemmell’s clashing drums, creates a uniquely Glaswegian anthem – punchy, enthusiastic, and a little bit edgy.

Way of Life is filled with energy and excitement; a fantastic introduction to The Tonic Revival.

As the nights get a little bit longer and we’re left with the last few days of sun, Way of Life might just be the end-of-summer anthem you’ve been looking for.

Listen to ‘Way Of Life’ by The Tonic Revival on Spotify:

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