Rockford’s dirty new single, Sixty-nine just asks to be played again, and again.


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If you ever find yourself cycling around North Brabant in the Netherlands, make sure to stop in at Klundert to soak up the sights of the City Hall, marvel at Botte Kreek, and immerse yourself in the local rock scene with a triple scoop of Rockford.  If you like pina coladas and listening to Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam in the rain, then their heavy, slow-riffing stoner rock will tingle your earbuds and turn a (generally soggy, in that part of the Netherlands) trip into a capital T-rip.

Signed by Grunge Pop Records, renowned for bringing us the Seattle grunge sound of today,  ‘Sixty-Nine’ is Rockford’s fifth single.  You’ve got heavy riffs from the guitar and bass from the get go, layered in with the drums, until the wistful tones of Niels Schmitz breaks through.  It’s a narrative that most of us will experience at some point in our romantic endeavours – when we know it isn’t going to work out, but you want one last shot (or one last intimate moment) together before you have to throw it all away because ‘there’s nothing left for me to say’.

As with their other singles, ‘Sixty-Nine’ is one you will want to replay – especially if you’re feeling the angst and longing of a break up.  Schmitz’ vocals oscillate between the sultry, aching lower register and his angst coming through with a harsher tone.  The lower harmonies coming in during the chorus gives a whole ‘take me to bed one last time’ vibe.  Almost pleading ‘just me one more day, would it be okay…do you need me too?’ when you know it’s not going to end well, even if you do get a happy ending of sorts.

Rockford have announced their debut album will be coming Fall 2022 which, if their previous singles are anything to go by, will be essential listening for anyone with Badmotorfinger still stuck in their CD player (do we even do that anymore?  How retro!).

Cover image photography credit: Max Fransen

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