Drowning out the chaos with Forager’s latest single ‘Temper’


If you are looking for a release from the political carousel at Westminster. If you are fed up with rising food prices. Or, if you’re anything like Forager guitarist Nathan McLeish, and are angry at your own shoelaces then you may be justified in losing control of your emotions.  Forager, Manchester’s own harbingers of heavy rock introduce their latest single “Temper” in a moment when global tensions are at tipping point. The oft-asked question of whether life imitates art or vice versa pops into mind whenever I hear a track that seems to slot into the zeitgeist so perfectly. Frustration, anger, and chaos are deafening right now but it is possible to drown them out with a healthy dose of nu-metal medicine.

“Temper” begins with frontman, Oliver Lindop, screaming out the songs title followed by the hypnotic, looping refrain that ties you into an aggressive web of noise. The repetitive bass, expertly controlled by Mathew Jenkins, guides us on a journey of pure unadulterated rage. The frenetic drumming style of Thomas Farron keeps the song in check throughout. This is an important device used by the band as it allows the guitars of McLeish and Alex Huzer to bubble to the forefront of this mosh pit ready monster. The guitars veer off unpredictably at times which is clearly intentional. As they snarl and threaten to spill over, just like a loss of temper, they are brought back into line by the thrashing drums.

The track reminds us that even trivial events, like an unfixable tangled lace, can tip us over the edge. The event that inspired the track was solved by cutting the knot off completely. An over-the-top solution inspired Forager’s heaviest single to date. McLeish ended up with a bloodied thumb but that was a small price to pay as it resulted in the creation of a cathartic explosion of furious energy that left me excited at the state of the British rock scene. Released on October the 13th the single is available to stream and buy online now.

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