Pearla returns with enchanting new single, ‘Effort’ and new album due for late 2022.

Pearla cover art, Effort

“The perfect soundtrack for a starry night drive, immersing yourself in nature or getting lost in your thoughts”

Ashley McDermott, IAMUR

Sit back and relax as we take a listen to Pearla’s latest single “Effort“, from upcoming album ‘Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming‘, which is due for release on 21st October 2022.

From the very first note, it’s clear that this song is something special. Ethereal vocals amongst delicately arranged strings and synth, with lyrics which are both clever and haunting. The track gradually builds and ebbs, delivering an emotional rollercoaster of a listening experience, while Pearla’s vocals rattle your bones with mystical eccentricity.

Ever so relatable, “I don’t know why it takes so much effort to feel good these days”, is just one of the lyrics that will leave you feeling seen. This is a song about trying to do what makes you happy, even when the odds are against you. It is no doubt a message that we can all relate to and one that Pearla delivers with both passion and precision.

The Brooklyn based artist, real name Nicole Rodriguez, lovingly chose her stage name as a sign of admiration for her musician Grandfather, Jeff Pearl and, although he passed away while she was young, she has said that music is her link to him. Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Bjork and Joanna Newsome, and one of the most recent signings by Spacebomb Records, Pearla is unafraid to experiment with her sound. Amongst her favourite things are Virginia Woolf’s prose, writing songs with children and finger puppets – as seen in the official music video.

Pearla’s music is the perfect soundtrack for a starry night drive, immersing yourself in nature or getting lost in your thoughts. The more you listen to her latest release, the more you’ll appreciate the intricacies of the production and her lyrical choices. If this song is anything to go by, we cannot wait for the release of Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming. This gloriously melancholic and introspective track is now available to stream on any good music platforms.

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Congratulations to Pearla on the new release – we’re looking forward to the album dropping in October! Meanwhile, take a peep at more new releases here.

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