The future of rock music is burning bright, and the perfect catalyst for this flame is Treewax


As the first melodic chords of Treewax‘s latest single, “Sunny Days”, drifted through my headphones I leant back in my chair, closed my eyes, and was transported in time to when UK summers were a washout, and the term heatwave was only ever used for our continental cousins over the channel. I went back to baggy jeans, skateboards and band posters torn out of magazines. I went back to Weezer, Alkaline Trio and Blink 182.

As I tumbled through my nostalgia trip, I abruptly returned to reality with a sudden tempo change. Soft verse to heavy chorus is a classic technique used by the legends of grunge, punk and alternative music throughout the years. “Sunny Days” does it magnificently. The rhythmic guitar, gentle drum pattern and meandering vocals on the verse are replaced by a noisy and infectious chorus. When I had made it to the second half of the song I was no longer thinking of the past. I was seeing the present with instant clarity. 

This single, that spoke to me and gave me visions of summers gone by, is going to be listened to by young people on streaming platforms across the world. This alt-rock band from Porto have reminded me that rock music is alive and well in 2022. A whole new generation of rebellious and disenfranchised youth are out there ready to make ‘Sunny Days’ the anthem to their summer. The band have utilized the holy trinity of electric guitar, bass, and drums to produce an outstanding single that showcases their musical talent.

The single itself is from their album, Bleak Fall, which was released back in 2021. The self-proclaimed Portuguese power trio produced a triumphant collection of songs that delight the ears and force your head to bang. The album opens with Gustavo Ribeiro ripping a catchy baseline on “Storge”, followed by the powerful beat of Francisco Amado on drums and the rippling guitar and distinct voice of vocalist Goncalo Ferreira. The next few songs, “Ye Yea Yeah”, “Tired” and “Rabies” are a mash of catchy hooks, playful baselines, and raucous lyrics. The band members each play their role perfectly to create a sound that is as raw and authentic as any debut I’ve heard. By the time you reach “Wakizashi”, a belting indie hit, it is apparent that Treewax are something special.

After new single “Sunny Days”, Bleak Fall takes a heavier turn. During this second part of the album, we are treated to the full potential of Treewax. The fast paced “Hey You”, the heart wrenching “Don’t Hate You” and the subtle stop-start nature of “Witch” make you want to jump in the mosh pit.

Bleak Fall runs from start to finish with such finesse that you forget that this is the band’s first album together. Treewax’s ability to infuse classic indie rock with a modern and fresh feel hints at their huge potential for success. With a second album on the way I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this band.

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