Caught in a ‘Mindfield’ with Welsh indie-rock band, The Rivers

The Rivers

Welsh indie rock band The Rivers released their most recent single, Mindfield, on 19th August. It marks their first release since signing with Swansea label SWND in March of this year.

The track confidently launches into itself from the get-go, complete with thumping toms and amp feedback. It is clear almost immediately that we’re hearing a fuller, more mature sound from The Rivers. It sounds familiar, in a good way, in the sense that the song is comfortable with its own identity. The guitars kick in and we’re reminded of the musicianship of the band – professional, really well put together. You can tell by the way the track swirls around you as you’re swept through it. Dan Hewitt’s lead vocals are refreshingly confident and composed.

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Tension builds smoothly towards a catchy, but serious, chorus. The kind you find yourself singing without having realised. The harmonics from the backing vocals enhance the sound here, and the more I listen, the more impressed I am – it’s almost infectious. And then to top it off we’re graced with longing, euphoric guitar solos reminiscent of early Oasis.

The whole tone of the song has a slightly dark edge to it, it’s tense, it’s moody, and the entire time you feel like the band are trying to break free. For a while I wondered if that’s what I was wanting – the band to break free, to let loose a little more. However, the more I listen, the more I fall in love with it as it is.

This urge to break free, though, promises something. Mindfield assures us that we’re in the company of a group of professional, polished musicians, but also leaves me selfishly hoping, with good faith, that whatever the lads have in the pipeline for us pushes that edge we’re hearing just a little further, and takes us up to the elevens with them to own their label of “more than just a four piece indie band”. The Rivers will be supporting The Vapours Sept 1st, and have a string of headline dates yet to be announced for later this year.

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